Saturday, December 1, 2007

A bit about me and my family

I am married to a wonderful man named Tim. It will be 3 years in April! Time flies!!! We have a dog named Brick and a cat named Tux. We just lost our cat Spunky last week, so she will be hard for me to talk about for awhile. Tux is 10 and he is diabetic. We found out he had Feline Diabetes in June and have been giving him 2 insulin shots a day since! He seems to be doing well and has put on weight and isn't pulling out his hair as much! And he's leaving the dog food alone!! Brick is a crazy mutt - we rescued him from the pound about 4 years ago, so we aren't sure how old he is but he acts like a toddler!! Who needs kids when you have a 70 lb. four legged one??? He is part Rhodesian Ridgeback, German Shepherd and maybe Lab but he is beautiful!! And nuts!!!! More stories on him to come!!!

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Littlekel90 said...

Awww, Brick is so stinkin' cute! I love your blog. I meant to drop by the other night, and I was so tired . . . honestly then I forgot. I don't want a gift for stopping in, but I will put you on my blogger list so maybe I can shoo a few people over here for you as well. I am getting your "mystery gift" around today to send out Monday. I just received the clear stamps to go with the other stuff today, so . . . hope you like it. Love your colors here on your blog, and I look forward to stopping back soon! :D Ttyl my friend!

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