Thursday, March 6, 2008

Update, but no time for card making this week!!!

Thanks everyone for your thoughts and prayers for my Mom! Surgery went well, and she is now in the process of physio...she has to be able to do certain things before they let her out of the hospital. She said it is really painful, but I try to encourage her that it will get easier! She is in good spirits for the most part, so that is good! She is very tired too. I've been up to see her every day this week and I am exhausted!

I did finish up a swap card set last night but haven't taken a picture of it - I will cuz it's pretty cute. It is Cami's Trifold card tutorial from SCS. I'll post the link to the tutorial when I post the card - I am running really late for work & need to get my butt off the chair! UGH!!! Is it Friday yet???


Jamie Martin said...

Glad to hear you mom's surgery went well, hope she has a speedy recovery :)

Tickle Me Pink said...

I'm glad to hear your mom is okay! I pray she will recover well ^_^.

Littlekel90 said...

So glad to hear your mom's surgery went well! Hugs to her and you as well. Hope she has a speedy recovery and don't be afraid to ask for pain pills if she is in pain. She can't work through her recovery with a lot of pain. :) Kel

Kelly S said...

I am glad your mother's surgery went well. Keep us posted on her recovery!

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