Friday, April 11, 2008

Happy Birthday Katharina!!!

Ok, it's a few days away, but I wanted to get in on your FAB birthday blog candy!!! Folks, if you love the Tilda stamps, you will LOVE the new Hanglar stamps - I don't have any and have NO idea where to even get one...BUT... Katharina is turning 30 on April 17, and she is giving away one!! Wheeeeeeeeeeee!!! Although she should be getting the gifts, she is giving them away...what a girl!!! So, check out her blog HERE and check out the cute Hanglar & Stanglar stamps (I think they are from Norway but don't quote me on that!!!) Isn't she ADORABLE???? Ohhhhh how I'd love to have her in my inky little hands!!!!! :D


Katharina said...

hihi, thanks for the post Chris, had to smile about it. You are one funny person!!
Those Hänglar and Stänglars are so precious, because you can only buy them in Sweden and Norway, nowhere else. So it is almost impossible to get hold of them :)
Hope you are lucky!
Hugs Katharina

Deb said...

She is fantastic, I am so desperate to get my hands on these stamps too, they really should release them worldwide, they would make a mint!

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