Saturday, May 24, 2008

Our critters

Awhile back I mentioned that we were going to a Reptile show and I forgot to post the newest additions to our zoo! This first picture is one of the two Giant African Land Snails we got. They live in a glass aquarium with soil & they eat lettuce, watermelon, cucumbers, etc. They are so cool to watch as they slime across the glass!! We had 4 of them about 4 years ago, but they died. These two are named Rob & Big (Tim named them - don't ask!)
Here are the 3 leopard geckos we got. There are 2 females and one male - Lucy has red lips and red on her tail (named after Lucille Ball) - she is in the middle, stepping on Squirrel, Ginger has lots of brown spots - she is on the far right, and Squirrel is the male - on the left - or bottom of the pile. We named him Squirrel because he was such a spazzy dude when we first got him - very squirmy!! This isn't the greatest pic of them all together cuz they move around so much! This bottom pic is Squirrel, trying to climb up the glass (with very little luck because they aren't that type of gecko).
And, I just found out Tim's brother is moving up north, so we will be inheriting his 3 leopard geckos at the end of the month - Dave, Jenn, and Jane!! CRAZY little zoo going on here again & I couldn't be happier! I missed having all my critters!

I know some of you are probably saying EWWW but honestly, until I met Dave, Jenn and Jane when I first met Tim, I thought the same thing! But they are so soft, like velvet, and very gentle...and hardly any work at all! Watching them up close is really cool - especially the snails - you can see the muscles moving in their "foot" as they slime along....totally awesome! When we had Chip, or chameleon, I would sit there for hours watching him - his feet, his tail, his crazy eyes, and his horrendously long tongue!!! LOL I miss him a lot actually!

I don't have any cards to share - I did make some last night but forgot to take pictures of them before I sealed them up to be mailed! OOPS!!! Have a great weekend...and for those of you in the rain....stay dry!!!


Deb said...

oh they do look sweet but I couldn't touch them! I know what you mean about watching them for hours, critters are so fascinating!

have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

We wish our Mom would let us get such cool pets! Maybe we can visit you sometime soon!

Love Tommy and Mikey

Marcia said...

That snail is disgusting! I don't need to go to a reptile show to see snails - I've got plenty in my garden! LOL!

Looks like it was fun.

Littlekel90 said...

LOL . . . well, I am not much of a reptile lover, but I do see how these are pretty interesting to you. I think I would enjoy seeing them and watching them, but not so much cleaning up after them. :) Kel (I am a sucker for salamanders, and the geckos look like bigger salamanders to me).

Suzanne said...

Well I am definitely going to have to say EEEEWWWWWWWWW!

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