Friday, May 30, 2008

Some random cards, a new technique and a VENT!!!

I made this card with my new Gruffies stamp after I spend over an hour perusing Kelly's blog - she inspired me to get them and ink them up! I coloured these two with my SU pastels, a medium I hadn't used in awhile! I put Crystal Effects on the shovel and added sugar coated brads. The sentiment says "spring has sprung" and it is from a clear Whipper Snapper set of the same name!! The card base is blue bayou (SU)
These 2 cards are the new technique I tried...FAUX WOOD! Inspired by Donelda, I thought I'd better get on it, and try it! I also wanted to use my new camping Riley. I coloured them both with prismas and gamsol but I made one tent brown and the other olive! Making the faux wood was easy and looks so cool. I started with More Mustard base, then swiped white Color Box ink down it, then swiped Chocolate Chip over that. It looks so real! I'm going to try it with a different colour base to see what effects that has...maybe this weekend!!! I used Kraft paper (seems to be my new fave) and chocolate chip for the base and layers!
Now, my vent. As some of you know, I've had a table at a Farmer's Market in a small town close to Calgary for the last 3 weeks. Last night I was SO frustrated I came home and cried. It was nice out, so it was busier than last week when it was rainy. BUT, no one bought ANYTHING!! A few browsed, some said they'd buy some next week, others said they had no money...WHO DOESN'T TAKE MONEY TO A FARMER'S MARKET????? And, how many people spend oodles of dollars on mini donuts and ice cream?? ARGHHHH!!!! I'm wondering if it is even worth my time - 30 min. drive there - 30 min. home, gas (which is up to $1.30/litre here), $10 for the table and 3 hours of my time! Tim thinks it might be how I have things displayed, so I told him he had to build me something! LOL That went over well! I might have to do it myself!
I wish I had taken pics of my table so you could visualize it. On the right side of the table, I have my cards in short plastic bins, with bright coloured headings (birthday, wedding, etc.) and they are separated into 5 bins so several people can look at a time. I also had about 10 cards "show cased" on plastic plate holders (Father's Day, Grad, wedding, showers) and a big sign that said GET YOUR CARDS AND GIFTS FOR GRAD, FATHER'S DAY, WEDDINGS, TEACHERS. On the left half of the table, I have my 3D items - card kits (5 cards, envies, and a matching pen), wine charms, notebooks, bookmarks, pens, post it note holders, photo clips, etc.)
What I would like is a mini-Hallmark display they have in the card stores - tiered but smaller so I can display the cards better. I'm not sure people like flipping through the bins. Or I need to buy one of those spinny card racks...but where do I find those???? Any pointers or tips would be helpful...I'm really at a loss!! Do you think I need to put them in plastic envelopes and sell them that way? I've thought about it, but the sloth in me doesn't want to sit and stuff them all....LOL Next week the BC fruit guy is coming so it will be really busy...I NEED to do something to catch their eye and keep them at my table & not at the schmoozy jewelery guys table beside me!!! He hits on all the women that walk's hilarious! HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!


Donelda said...

Oh Chris, I love your cards. Your faux wood turned out great!! I also love your pastel card, especially how you added the crystal effects -- great idea!! And I'm so sorry that you didn't sell anything last weekend. That is so frustrating. Since I have never sold cards at a table like that I don't have any good ideas. I think you might be right about the browsing thing but I'm not sure how better you could display other than some of the ideas you've already suggested!! I hope you have better luck this weekend.

Donelda said...

Oh and thank you soooo much for the images too!! You didn't have to do that!! but I am so glad you did :-) You are so kind!!!!

Anonymous said...

Your cards are adorable and I love the Riley ones! Try finding a Free cyle in your area. One of my friends just got 2 of the spinning card holders like at a card shop from one of those.

Seleise said...

your cards are great, Chris! love the wood technique! I hope the farmer's market gets better. I'm sure it cycles adn people will buy cards when they need them. good luck with figuring out your display!

Littlekel90 said...

Been there, done that at craft shows with my mom. I had people look and say, well, I can make something that nice for less. That really broke my heart and we never did it again.

But, as for your display, I thought maybe wicker baskets with your cards in clear plastic envelopes would look nice. Not sure if that would work for you, but maybe you could sell them 2 or 3 in a set for birthday (if you went with two you would turn one to the back of the envie and the other facing the front so they could see them without smudging them all up. *shrug* I know some of the ladies sell theirs at local stores on consignment, and they say they put them in the clear envies. It might be more labor, but it might benefit you in the long run and keep your cards nicer. HTH, Kel

Deb said...

Very cute cards, love the faux wood technique, I saw this on Donelda's blog too and would love to try it out!
I have dabbled in table selling in the past and the display is so important. I had one table where my cards weren't displayed well and did poorly. Next one, I borrowed one of those tiered displays and sold quite a few. I would recommend the clear bags to hold them, they make it all look so much more professional! Good luck for next week.

~KRISTY~ said...


Suzanne said...

Cute cards! That is why I don't try and sell my stuff anywhere. I don't have any sage advise to help you out.

Jane said...

Wow, all the cards are awesome. I love the look on the bears face that is having dirt shoveled on him. And the faux wood looks great!

I don't know what to tell you about the Farmer's Market. That's why I've never tried to really sell my cards anywhere. I've done a couple craft shows and wasn't successful at either. Wasn't worth my time.

Hang in there. Your stuff is awesome. So I'm sure that isn't it!


Marcia said...

Oh Chris, you poor thing - the cards are great and I think you know that isn't the problem.

I do the markets here from time to time and it can be really hit and miss. I have found with markets people only come for a bargain, which is not what you want for your cards.

Maybe look at some specials - maybe buy 2 cards get the 3rd free. Repeat business is what you want, but you might have to 'buy' it first.

Good luck next week.

Ying Pang, said...

your cards are awesome, Chris and good luck to you! thank you for your comment on my blog. said...

Beautiful cards and the faux wood, awesome! I hope next time you sell some items. Until then, keep sharing your pretty work and great coloring

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