Monday, June 23, 2008

Camping fun!

Hey everyone! I was SO tired yesterday that I didn't get a chance to get my photos off my camera until now!! So, here are a few pics of our trip and of our trailer. Sad news though, we are going to sell the trailer because it is too heavy for my vehicle to pull. We thought it would be ok, but it was working extra hard and I don't want to replace the transmission on a fairly new vehicle. We will use the $ we make off the trailer for a good down payment on an ultra lite trailer that will be easy for my Santa Fe to pull!!

We went to a place called Red Lodge Provincial Park, and it is right along the Bow River - which had flooded two weeks ago. Some of the sites were still full of water which is probably why the mosquitoes were the size of dinousaurs! And man, were they hungry! Poor Brick had such a lumpy nose with bites - we really need to find some pet friendly repellant!! The river was high and dirty, but we did manage to find a spot for Brick to swim, even though I was up to my ankles in mud! YUCK! It was OK, but I still prefer going to the mountains - we always go to Kananaskis country (google it if you want to see GORGEOUS scenery!) but thought we'd try somewhere closer to home with the trailer for the first time! We had two YAPPY cocker spaniels beside us, that would not shut up, and 2 chirping chihuahua's across from us!!! ARGHHH!!!!! People didn't even know we had a dog because Brick is so quiet, he never barks!! I did get most of my book read and some colouring of images for some swaps I needed to finish! And yes, this is Brick's very own lawn chair!!! If we didn't take him one, he'd steal ours!!!

Here he is laying on MY lounger...little thief!!! Hard to kick him out when he looks so darn cute!!! Anyways, it was fun, despite having to clean out the trailer and get it ready to sell!! SAD!!! But maybe we can find one with a bed that we both fit on comfortably!! LOL


Littlekel90 said...

GREAT pics, Chris. Love DH's sexy legs, then a sweet pic of you both, but gotta say Brick looks pretty darn relaxed for a gang of yappy dogs all around you. Doesn't that drive ya nuts?! Our Buddy is pretty quiet, too. Best dog to have with you when you are camping once we get him there. Poor thing gets SOooooo car sick he drools the whole time. Not good. LOL

Tracy said...

I'm glad you all had fun! We can't wait to go camping this year. Now, my kids think they need a dog that sits in his own chair though!

Seleise said...

Brick sounds like an awesome dog. love the pics. sorry to hear the trailer didn't work out but hopefully you can sell it quickly and get one that will. Good luck with teh end of the school year and have fun in the out of doors. And, hope the farmer's market gets better and better for you!

Jane said...

Great photos. LOVE the one with the dog in the chair. He looks so content!


Donelda said...

Chris, this is so cool to see pictures of the important people in your life :-) I am sad that you can't keep the trailer! I am also sorry to hear that Red Lodge wasn't great for you. We had a yappy dog down the road and it was annoying. I love that your dog has his own chair!!

Marcia said...

Chris, these photos look just like our camping trips (mind you they all are the same!). Looks like you had a blast!

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