Friday, July 11, 2008

I'm home!!

I'm home and utterly exhausted!!!! I left Sunday night to head up to Edmonton, Alberta's capital city, to do some work for Alberta Education. I was marking Provincial Achievement Exams that all Grade 3 students in Alberta have to write in May. They are given a picture and are asked to write a story about it. The picture was of a little girl whispering in a boys ear, and behind them, was a classroom, with animals all over the place, dogs chasing cats, mice, snakes, rabbits, etc. So, needless to say, if I read ONE more animal story in the next little while I might cry!!! There were 150 teachers there marking 44,000 stories!! We started Mon. at 7:30 am and worked until 4:00 every day, and finished up today about 2:00!! PHEWWWW!!!!! It was really interesting - and a big learning experience for me professionally - I have a new sense of what needs to be taught to these kids next year! Boy are they in trouble!! LOL

I stayed in a hotel with 3 other girls and that worked out quite well, surprisingly!! It was fun! One night we went to West Edmonton Mall to shop, vegged a couple nights in the room, went swimming, and did a lot of walking!! That part was are 2 stories of events that weren't so fun:

I don't think I've ever talked about my bizarre food allergies before so here is my first story from the week: Some background info first: I am deathly allergic to carrots, celery, apples, nectarines, cherries, pistachios, snap peas, and a few other things & probably more that I haven't discovered yet. During the week, Alberta Education was supplying us lunch (I was a little worried about that). So, Monday at lunch, I go into the room, here is what I see: Beef Veggie soup with CARROTS, wraps with sandwich meat in them on huge platters STREWN with CARROTS, 2 huge veggie trays full guessed it.... CARROTS!!! So I went to a little deli across the street, got a sandwich and sat under a tree and cried. I was sad to be away from home, and I was feeling sorry for myself (I know..pathetic!) but I was so emotional!!! Anyways, on Tues. the lunch was: Chicken pasta with CARROTS, tossed salad full of CARROTS, 2 huge veggie trays full of CARROTS, and carrot cake for dessert!! WOW, can you say PISSED OFF?? LOL I didn't even bother seeing what was for lunch the rest of the week - but reports told me it was alllllll full of carrots! I went out for lunch every day either by myself or with a friend! Sad eh?? It really makes going out for dinner interesting and I'm continually asking what is in is annoying! BUT, it's either that, or I use my Epi-Pen which I totally DON'T want to do!!!! SCARY! And I hate needles!!!

ANYWAYS, second story: Parked my vehicle in the parking lot of the hotel and on Tues. I find a note on it, saying she hit my car with her mirror & to call her so she can pay for damages. I get out to look and almost fell over! Mental breakdown #2!!! There is a huge scratch about 3 feet long, and about 2 inches wide, and right down to the metal, plus a big dent! Hell of a mirror I'd say! Anyways, I called her, left a message - she called me back, left a message cuz I was working - I called her back (annoyed by this time & a bit scared that she is going to flake and I'll be stuck paying for it) then finally her HUSBAND called me! So, now I have to take time out of my summer to go find auto body shops, get estimates, fill out a police report, let them have my vehicle for a few days, all because of someone else's carelessness! NOT HAPPY! I know shit happens, and I am VERY truly thankful that she left her # (most wouldn't be so honest!) but it's just annoying and a hassle......not something I want to be doing! BAHHH!!! I will do all of this hopefully Monday as Tim said auto body shops are closed Saturdays..bummer!

Other than that glitch, the trip was good! I am soooo thankful to be home! I missed my boys!!! Off to unpack and hit the hay!!! (for you city folks, that means "going to bed" - LOL)
Hope to get crafting tomorrow!! I MISSED it!!!!!


Littlekel90 said...

Wow, carrot allergy, eh? That is unusual. Sorry to hear about that. I guess the caterers for your meals definitely got a GREAT deal on carrots this past week. That really must have been a bummer eating out all of the time. (and then your car, well I won't even go there, as I know I would have been a little pissed myself). Good that she left her number though and will make it right. REALLY glad to hear you are home. Get some of that therapeutic craft/stampin' time in tomorrow. Hugs!! Kel

Tracy said...

I'm glad you are home safely! I hope you can get some crafting done today. I will be sending your swaps, and your order, and your NEW catty either today or Monday! Oh, and Tommy wrote a story about some kids and animals he wants to send you....kidding! Missed ya!

sparkplug17 said...

Wow, thats alot of carrots. I'll have to start paying more attention to that. Sorry that you couldn't really eat their food. And I'm sorry about your car, but at least you had a pretty good trip. Enjoy your weekend!

Marcia said...

Welcome back, promise I won't send you any animal stories for a while. I can't imagine what it must be like to have such strong food allergies. But I can understand how it could get you down, especially away from home. You're right about your car - it happens and at least she left her no. Imagine how much worse you would have felt if she hadn't. Keep your chin up, rest up and relax, sounds like you have earned it.

Seleise said...

oh Chris, wow - dang - wow! What more to say?!!! I'm glad you had a good, if not exhaustingly repetitive professional experience but glad it will help you in the classroom. Dang - that's a lot of carrots in one week. I, too, suffer from allergies so am always asking about ingredients although so far - all fish or seafood - try turning down caviar in Russia without speaking the language and not wanting to insult the hosts! - and so glad the lady left her number. Was her mirror made of concrete? geesh! But, you can get it fixed because she was honest so hopefully that will go smoothly! Hang in there!

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