Monday, August 11, 2008

Off to the Car Doctor!

I am finally off to get my car fixed from the accident in Edmonton in the beginning of JULY!!! Sheesh!! I will have a rental vehicle for a few days - let's hope it's a fun car!!!! LOL

I spent all day yesterday rearranging my craft room - it looks a bit better but now I have to get used to where I put everything! I will try and get some pics today & post them! I bought a cool paper holder from a garage sale for $5, and it holds all my full packs of paper that I HAD to have because they were retiring (ummm, yeah, we won't go there!) ... the only bad thing is it doesn't hold the 12 x 12 papers that are completely overtaking my room!! Gulp!!!

I was able to create a few things - birthday cards for family mostly, and am now working on FOUR anniversary cards...tis the season I guess eh? I will take pics of those too later!

We bought a new camera on Saturday - our Sony was a piece of junk! The on/off button wouldnt' work and the pictures were really grainy! It was so frustrating! So, we got another Canon - they seem to be more reliable - our old one from 7 years ago is STILL working (big delay but that's ok for Tim's fishing camera!LOL) So far it seems great - I love it!! We are going camping this weekend for my birthday (leaving Thurs. actually) so that will be the true test!!! Can't wait!!!!

Have a great day!

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