Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Some of you were curious how MY team did on Sunday at the football game, well, I am THRILLED to tell you, The Calgary Stampeders WON THE GREY CUP!!!!! The Grey Cup is Canada's version of The Super Bowl - football (not soccer, but American football) It was an AMAZING game, I was on the edge of my seat the whole time!! I was a little hoarse after!! LOL

I don't have anything to share today, the pics are still on the camera and I cannot find the cord - it is somewhere on my craft table (it's scary down there!!) I will get on it tomorrow, and have something to share soon!!!!

Have a great week!!! What do you think of my new header and background? I had a GREAT friend do it for me - I LOVE IT!!!It is so festive and I love snowmen, so it is perfect for me!!!! THANKS you-know-who!!!! ;-)

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Donelda said...

wait...have I arrived on the right blog...wowzers!! You have made some awesome changes to your blog! I'm too lazy to do anything new to mine :-) hehehe. Hubby is a big Stampeders fan too so we were watching and yelling too! It was looking a bit scary in the first half but they sure did turn things on in the end!! Glad to hear that report cards are done!! More home time to stamp now...right!!?? :-)

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