Wednesday, January 28, 2009

My Kitty

Ok Donelda - you're right!! Poor ol' Tux doesn't get much attention on here does he? Brick gets lots of "air" time but Tux doesn't!!! Here are a few pictures of Tux. He is about 11 or 12 and he is diabetic. We discovered he had Feline Diabetes almost 2 years ago when he was pulling his hair out and stealing and eating all of our bread. OY! He is on 2 units of insulin twice daily & is doing really well!! He still pulls out his hair but that I think is a neurosis that is undiagnosable...LOL!!!! His "fructosamine" levels are all right where they should be so that is great!!! They do "fructosamine" tests on animals rather than blood tests because apparently when they do blood tests, it stresses them out, and their blood sugar rises. So it is not an accurate testing device. He is a character that is for sure...he loves to "TALK"!!! Not so cute at 4 am!!!!
This is Tim and Tux cuddling on the bed. This is a ritual every Sat. and Sun. morning. Brick is usually at the end of the bed panting because he is jealous!!!

Hard to tell, but this is Tux sitting in my lunch bag! It was taken with a camera phone so it's not really clear but it was cute!

Tux grinning!

Tuxaroni-Macaroni Head (one of his many nicknames!) This is one of the rare photos of him with his eyes open. I think it was because I turned off the flash!! HE is just like me, always closing my eyes for photos!!! LOL
So there ya have it, our other furry baby! Thanks for looking!!!


Donelda said...

aaaawwww, I love tux!!! I especially love the one with him in your lunch bag!! What a typical cat!! Glad he is doing well. Thanks for sharing :-)

Seleise said...

oh my gosh - what a sweetie pie! Love Tux! And, the pics are fab! Love the smile and love the lunch bag - you can tell he didn't want you to leave. Great kitty!

Viv said...

Awww Tux rocks!!!! Love his grin and look at the shine on his coat! Fab cat!!!!
Viv xxx

Marcia P said...

Oh you have an early hours of the morning talker to, do you? I love cats and this one is a sweetie. There is something about black cats (a bit of white is cool) ... they are so gentle. Totally belie their reputation!


Holly said...

Cute pictures! Love seeing your kitties!

Allies Creative Designs said...

Tux is so cute. Love the pictures.
Beautiful color. I bet he's spoiled. We have a cat also, his name is MR. Wilson. Will post a pic for you! Cats are just so cute and I didn't ralize how funny they are!! said...

Oooh...I love your kitties.

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