Friday, February 20, 2009

An award

Still searching for my mojo - I DID make a card last night but it sucks! LOL Tim got a couple movies for tonight so maybe tomorrow!!! I wanted to post this award that I received from Donelda - she is such a sweet person and a great friend - I just wish you lived about an hour closer!!!
This award was given to me because I don't leave the run of the mill comments. If I am going to take the time to comment, I try to make it meaningful and from the heart, what I truly feel! If I don't have much time, comments sometimes can be short.....but I do mean what I say! I am so inspired by sooo many of you! And again, want to thank you all for your comments - they mean so much to me! I get so excited when I see that a comment has been added to a post!!! (small things amuse small minds, ya know!) So, now I have to give this award to others who are great blog commenters....well, wait, that sounds BAD! You are ALL great blog commenters, I just have to pick some!
BAHHHHH, I can't pick just FOUR!!!! That is just not fair!!! LOL
This award goes to EVERYONE who leaves comments on my blog - so take that little award up there, and add it to your blog!!!! courtesy of moi!!!!
THANKS everyone for all your comments!


Anita said...


Seleise said...

congrats!!! and, have I told you that I love your new blog look? it's super cute!!!

Marcia P @ The Stamp Spot said...

Cool blog makeover, love your banner. Maybe your mojo will see it has been surpassed by a couple of movies and feel left out and come crawling back?!

:) Marcia

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