Friday, February 13, 2009

A Valentine's Gift for me

I am feeling the LOVE today!! I got this GREAT package in the mail today from JACQUE, a very sweet member at Magnolia-licious Yahoo Group as a thank you for all the fun activities I do with them! It came at a really great time because I was very frustrated with some things that have been happening there & it made me realize that I do what I do because of people like Jacque!!! I have to NOT let the "cranky pants" get to me & to not take it personally!!!!

Here are the pics of the items she sent me! The card in itself is a gift - a piece of ART - so beautiful, but she also spoiled me with a bunch of goodies to play with (& eat!!)
Here is the card - isn't it gorgeous?? It is huge too (6x6) & it came with a handmade envie!!!!
THIS is the INSIDE of the card - amazing eh??? I LOVE IT!!!!

Here is the whole package of goodies!! 3 Valentine's stamps, 2 rolls of purple ribbon, a package of really cool Prima Obsessions (they are so pretty - I've never seen these ones before!) and the mailbox with all that chocolate (there is more inside the mailbox!!)

This little mailbox was FULL of DOVE chocolates (YUMMMM) - isn't it adorable?? I want to know where she bought these mailboxes...they are TOO cute!!!!

this is the side & front view.
THANKS JACQUE, you are one in a million!!!!!


Seleise said...

that's awesome!!! Enjoy your goodies and hugs for the crankiness. Have a great week-end!

Jacque said...

well, maybe one in about 100...LOL...Chris, I just appreciate you for all the fun things you plan for the rest of us so that we can enjoy the site. Keep up the good work cause I like having fun!!! Hugs!!

Marcia P said...

Wow, what a parcel. Aren't you a lucky thing! Have a great weekend.

:) Marcia

avagdro said...

Fabulous work Chris,Thank you besides wish you n all a great joyful Valentine's day:)

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Viv said...

Jacque is a star! It's lovely to receive a RAK at any time, but especially when you're feeling a bit 'off'. It's wonderfully jam-packed with gorgeous goodies.
Happy Saturday!
Viv xx

Jessica G. said...

Isn't Jacque talented? And it looks like she's just as generous, too. Lucky Chris!!

MichelleO said...

Well I think it is a well deserved little surprize... look at all those yummies, stamps and chocolate included!
MichelleO said...

HOw Sweet!!!!!! You are a lucky doll and deserve it! We have a batch of Magnolias on the way, will you email me your list again so I'm sure we don't miss any! Camera troubles are inhibiting uploads! Any recommendations for a new camera??

Deb said...

oh fantastic chris, what a fab card and such delish goodies, lucky you!
Hope you are having a great weekend! Debx

ittybittyinkspotstoo said...

You are loved! WOW what a great bunch of goodies! And that card!!! Its gorgeous!!!

Donelda said...

wow, wow, wow~!! That is an amazing present!! Someone thinks very nice things about you!! Can't wait to see what you create...especially with those purple cool!!

Kelly L aka Littlekel90 said...

Lucky girl!!! Jacque creates some beauties FOR SURE!! :) now don't eat all that chocolate at once and get a belly ache. *wink* I think the girls pick up the mailboxes at Michael's, although I haven't seen them around here either. Kel :) said...

Wonderful gift and goodies! I've seen those mailboxes at my local Michaels craft store, I wish I got some.

Allies Creative Designs said...

wow wow wow, How lucky are you!

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