Friday, April 17, 2009

Housewarming card - PARTY ANIMALS!!!!

Remember back in college, when a "housewarming" party really meant a "get drunk and trash the house" party? I never did that but I know people who did - they were never invited to my house!! LOL

Anyways, this card was made for my brother and his GF who are in the process of building their dream house on some acreage outside of Edmonton, Alberta. I am SO jealous, but so happy for both of them!!! It is going to be beautiful!!!
I used 3 of the High Hopes new releases which were farm animals and OH SO CUTE!!!!! I even used my STAMPAMAJIG!!! Yahhh me...I never use it unless I absolutely HAVE to!!!! So, cow is balancing on donkey and goat is dancing under cow.....don't they look like they are having a BLAST??? LOL
My sister and I must have spent about 45 minutes in the card aisle at Wal Mart listening to all the cards and dancing - this card plays "Celebrate" by Kool and the Gang (remember that song?? love it!) and it WAS a birthday card. I just covered the front and the inside with my own cardstock to match the colours of the base and VOILA - my very own singing card!!! LOL
Here is the inside sentiment I typed on the is totally cheesy but it fits so well with the animals, don't ya think? LMAO HORSE is supposed to be crossed out!! LOL

So the gift we bought them to go with this is a HUGE Cowboy boot planter and a plant (not bought yet, I will wait until they are actually IN their house before we do that cuz I might kill it!) Seriously, this cowboy boot is HUGE, like 24 inches tall and about 12 inches long. Tim was so embarassed when I was walking through the store with it...LOL...I love it! It fits their personalities and the decor of their house so perfectly!!!!
Thanks for visiting...I should be home from my shopping trip tonight sometime so will post tomorrow - maybe with some pics of the goodies I bought....wheeeeeeee!!!!


Seleise said...

oh my gosh - what a hoot! first - love that you embarrassed your man with the ginormous silliness. hee hee! what could be better than that? And, it sounds like a super fun gift! And, first really should be the super cute card you made! love it!!!

MichelleO said...

I have been so short on time the last few weeks, and not be commenting like I should.. but as soon as I saw this one I had too! What a scream, I love it - and you know which party go-er is my favorite!

Holly said...

So cute! Love that you covered a bought musical card too! And I'll just bet you didn't go to any of those parties in school! LOL!

Anita said...

Cute card! Great idea to make over a musical card.

Janet said...

wow how amazing is this?? i love it!! congrats to your bro!

Stef H (Glitterbabe) said...

Very funny and fabulous card!


Jacque said...

What a GREAT card, Chris...they will love it!!! Hope you had a wonderful outing!! Hugs,...Jacque

Jessica G. said...

What a cute card for a momentous occasion! Fun sentiment, too!

Lorraine A said...

I love your card Chris, how funny lol !! Your balancing act is just perfect !! The sentiment is fab too ha ha.
I need to see the boot with a plant in it soon :-) bet thats fabby too !!

Lorraine x x

Debby said...

Ah you clever girl. What a great idea. And I never use my stampamathingy. Guess I need to dust if off cause this is great!

Marcia P @ The Stamp Spot said...

Awesome Chris, just awesome. I can picture everyone getting annoyed with you as you listened to card music! LOL!

:) Marcia P

Anonymous said...

What a fun card, Chris!!! They will love it. Hugs, Christina

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