Saturday, August 29, 2009

Daisy & Dandelion Decoupage kits...soooo cool!!!

Awhile ago, I bought some stamps from Binky Crafts in Malta - there were 4 sets & I fell in love with all of them so I HAD to buy them all. There were Pickles & Onion (elephants); Bubbles & Squeak (bears); Candyfloss & Marshmallow (bunnies) and Daisy & Dandelion (dogs). In order to make the shipping costs worthwhile, I HAD to buy more stuff to fill up the envelope (darn shame I tell ya...LOL) It wasn't hard to do, thats for sure!!!! I bought these Decoupage kits that came with die cuts to make the animals & some patterned papers. They were too cute to resist & I'd never tried Decoupage before so - what the heck?!?!?!

I pulled open Daisy & Dandelion & put all 8 of them together in front of the TV one day while I was getting caught up on my Soaps! Then, that night, I sat down with the patterned papers they came with and made 8 cards...yup...that's right, I said EIGHT cards!!! There wasn't much stamping, just the sentiments but it was fun designing the cards to match for a gift set. I wish I had taken a picture of them from the side so you could see the some points there are 5 or 6 layers on these cuties...neat eh???

Here is the first set:
<-- all 4 cards & envelopes inside a plastic box. The little charm says "Made for you"

<-- 2 of the cards inside
<-- the other 2 cards inside

Here is the second gift set I made:
<-- the plastic box tied with a ribbon and a charm - I put the cards in sideways so you could see them better
<-- 2 of the cards inside this set
<-- the other 2 cards inside this set
I am hoping to sell these at the Farmers Market, so we'll see if other people think they are as CUTE as I do!!!!
Thanks for looking!!
(P.S. I did not stamp or colour these dogs, they are preprinted on cardstock!!! I can't take credit for the companies beautiful artwork!!!)


Lorraine A said...

Hi Chris these are fabulous !! :-) I am sure Binky Crafts would love to see these too :-) maybe you could email them the link to your blog !! :-)
I will be popping in there this pm to get a few bits for a blog candy ,,, :-)

Lols x x

p.s have you seen my blog ??? come and see ;-) x x

Christina C. said...

Thanks for sharing. . . they are adorable. Hugs, Christina

Seleise said...

8 super cute cards! just adorable!

Lynne in NI said...

So cute! Good luck at the market!

Heather "Hev" said...

Popping by to say hi :)

Missing my time to blog hop - but hope to pop by and comment properly soon :)

Finally managed to make a card or two :)

Hope you are well


Lisa W said...

I love this company and you did a great job. Are you in the US? I've been trying to find a company to ship them to the US. If you are can you please email me the link for the company I can order these kits from that will ship to the US.
Great job and thanks for sharing.
Lisa W

Diane said...

Oh my those are too cute!!!!

Donelda said...

how adorable!! what a brilliant idea!!!

altermyworld said...

adorability. i love them

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