Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Our blizzard

Hi everyone! On Friday, we had a HUGE snowstorm! It was unbelievable! The snow and the wind and the drifts......I wish I had pics of the drifts but I hunkered down at home where it was warm! I DID however, have to take Brick out, because he is NUTS if he doesn't get any exercise. This is the pathway between our fence and our garage - the drift was over the 6 foot fence!!!

This picture makes me giggle. The wind was so strong, it was lifting up Brick's ears, his face was covered in snow from chasing the Frisbee into the snowdrifts, and he had this HUGE grin on his face!!! He only lasted about 10 min. then he wanted to go in too, but I'm glad I was able to snap this picture! My fingers were frozen but it was worth it!!!!

Brick chasing the Frisbee - see the big drift behind him? That is SMALL compared to some around the city!!!

He loves his Frisbee, no matter how cold!!!!

Mean Mommy, throwing the Frisbee in the bigggggggg drift!!! LOL

And that's all.....just had to share a few pics of our nasty storm we had!!!! Enjoy the rest of the week!


Emma said...

Wow fantastic pics...I love the snow.
Hugs Emma x

Holly Young said...

oh i LOVE that picture of Brick smiling! He looks like he was having a heck of a good time out there.
I know what it's like to have a dog that goes crazy if they don't get out - riley is like that too!

Anita said...

These pictures remind me of when we lived in Alaska and why I now live in CA. We were mean to our dog and threw snowballs. Cute picture of Brick.

Lorraine A said...

gorgeous piccy's chris ,,, am sat here shiverring now just looking at them !! lol ,, ooh that photo of Brick smiling is brilliant ! he was obviously enjoying himself :-) Where I was brought up in UK it was freezing in winter ,,, nothing like that tho !! the weather is much nicer here in the Med ! :-)

lols x x

Steph Zerbe said...

Love the snow pics and that you are taking advantage of it. I grew up in South Dakota but I don't miss all that snow...all winter long.... plugging in the car.... shoveling everyday! North Carolina rarely gets snow. I guess I will miss it through the holidays. Enjoy!

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