Monday, August 30, 2010

BLOG CANDY WINNER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Sorry it is a day late....but here is the winner of my BLOG CANDY!!!!! I used to help me, and the winner is TRACEY BROSSART!!!! Congratulations Tracey!!!! Please email me your snail mail address & I will get your goodies out to you right away!!!!!
Well, I did it!!!! I made 300 followers!!! I never would have believed it, but I did!!! I know not all 304 people read my blog faithfully and comment, and that is ok!!! I'm happy you are here!! I truly appreciate and love reading the comments that are left, so thank you VERY much!!

NOW, it is time for some CANDYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!

Here is a picture of what you can win:

Here is what you can win (because the picture is so dark....sorry!)

Pirate Edwin (Magnolia Stamp)

Cardmaker's Instant Card Art + matching Jewel colour embellie kit

Paper flowers

Sandylion stickers

Self adhesive mirror FROGS

Martha Stewart Glittering glue

Mini Board book kit

Pink rhinestones


24 paper Magnolia flowers (12 pink & 12 purple)

(and I have been known to throw in a few extra surprises as the time goes on, so you never know what else will be included!!!)

A couple things I would like you to do to enter is:

1. Post about my blog candy in your side bar or on your blog somewhere. If you don't have a blog, that's ok...just tell all your friends!!

2. Become a follower if you aren't already. Not mandatory, but since you are here, why not??

3. Leave me a comment on this post telling me your FAVOURITE CANDY!!! Mine is Reese Peanut Butter cups!!! LOL

4. Come back on Aug. 29 to see if you are the winner!!!




Myrna said...

I am a follower. Besides our mutual like for cardmaking we both love Reeses Peanut Butter cups!!
I think any of the blog candy would be great to win. I, too, live in Calgary.

Haystack Creations said...

Hi Chris, I tend to check out your blog a couple of times a week. I love seeing what you have been creating.
The Candy looks delightful. My favourite candy would have to be Haighs Dark Chocolate (Made here in South Aust)....

Annette Bowes said...

Congratulations Chris on your followers, well done!! Already a follower have linked in my side bar, wonderful celebration goodies! Don't really eat a lot of candy, but do like Crunchies, have a wonderful week, take careX:)

Linda said...

Hi Chris

I was already follower and link your candy in the side bar. What a beautiful candy so thank you for the chance to win.
My favorite candy is chocolate, all what is made with chocolate is not safe with me hihi.
Hugs from Holland
Linda Dekker

Aunty Sue said...

Hi Chris love the candy and how kind great to see the number of followers never know one day i will be lucky enough to have that many. As for candy well I used to have a very sweet tooth now dont have too many teeth lol. I would say i have weakness for jelly babies and start off saying just a few and save for tommorrow and next thing i am at the end of the packet but please dont give me a packet of ginger buscuits and a coffe you wont get them back. lol

Judith Veldhuizen said...

Great candy!!! My favorite candy is chocolate for sure!! I really love milk chocolate!

I allready was a follower of yours, and i've put your candy on my sidebar

Anne said...

Congratulations on all of us following you!:)

Favourite candy? Well that's tricky, I love it all, but old fashioned aniseed balls, rhubarb and custard sweets, anything chocolate, Jelly Belly Beans would be a few in my basket LOL!

Sarah said...

Many congratulations Chris on over 300 followers!!! Thank you so much for the chance to win your candy, just off to pop a link in my sidebar. My fave candy or 'sweets' as we call them over here in the UK are Galaxy Minstrels, do you have those over the pond? They are lush! Thanks again x

Lisa said...

whoo 300 followers, congrats!! My favorite candy is anything Chocolate or swiss berries are yummy too!!

terriavidreader (IN-USA) said...

Congrats on those followers! I'm one of them. I've put this on my sidebar and my favorite CANDY is Junior Mints or Chocolate Covered Raisins - it's a toss up or give me both!

Linda said...

Congrats to you!!
I have posted your blog candy on my sidebar.
Pretty much if it is chocolate I love it. LOL Probably my favorite is Peppermint Patties.

Laetitia said...

Hi Chris, I became a follower. Congrats on having so many people following you. Thank you for the great opportunity to win this great candy. My fav candy is Haribo Tanfastics. Fizzy sweets, so good...

AndreaM said...

Hi Chris,
wow, more than 300 followers! Congrats on that! Thank you for offering such fantastic candy. I added a link to the sidebar of my blog. My favourite candy is any kind of chocolate (I am a chocoholic...).
I am offering a candy on my blog, too... You're invited!


Crystal said...

Have been a follower for a while now..... My fav candy, hard to say I dont eat much candy but when I do its usually anything sour...

Larisa said...

This is a nice candy )))Many thanks for the nice opportunity to take part in it. I am a follower now. I linked this on sidebar
Have a nice day. Hugs from Larisa

Pink Dandelion said...

Wow thanks for the chance to win your yummy candy. Reading these replies is making me hungry lol. My favourite sweet is anything with licorice. Take Care Debs xx

Захоплення не по-професії... said...

Hello! Thanks for the chance to win! My favorite candy is chocolate too, but not milk)))

Holly Young said...

congratulations on getting over 300 followers Chris! Way to go! Awesome candy too.

Unknown said...

I posted on my blog..

mmm favourite candy....rolos :)and anything else chocolate lol.

Cathy Spicer said...

Congrats Chris! I've followed your forever on my Google Reader and finally realized you don't know that unless I do the follower link on the blog as well. I am proud to include my mug in your awesome follower group. I posted a link to your candy on my sidebar - Cat’s Blog.

My fav candy would have to be licorice (preferably BLACK).

Mary Lou said...

WooHoo~~GGGRRREEEATT!! Your work is gorgeous Hun--not surprising and you are always so generous!!
Thanks for chance at these yummies :))
My fave candy is Stamps given out as blog candy and a few M&M's~~ LOL
Blessings and Hugz

gocanucksgo said...

Congrats on now 308 followers!! That's amazing! Thanks for celebrating this with your visitors =) Hmmm, I love kit kat, aero, and smarties. I really can't pick one depends on my mood and what I can get my hands on lol. Keep up the fantastic work =)

cowboydutrem said...

I'm the 309th follower... I added a link to your candy in my sidebar. Now for my favorite candy... it changes all the time. But for now it is Haribo Tagada Pink.

Esme said...

Ooh, lovely candy Chris!!
I've posted it on my blog for you!

My favourite candy is Cadbury's Dairy Milk chocolate (or if that doesn't count as candy, it's Haribo!)

Esme xx

Theresa's Studio said...

Chris, just found you thru Simon Says Challenge. Have become a follower and have a link to your candy on my blog. My fave candy is Almond Joy. Thanks for the chance to win such lovely candy.

Brook said...

Just found your site and became a follower. Love your cards & projects. I eat pretty much anything that has chocolate in it, on it, or around it, but right now I am on a Peanut Butter Twix kick. I can't find them everywhere (which is probably a good thing), but when I see one I have to have it. Thanks for the chance to win!

Lorraine A said...

fab candy Chris :-) I HATE peanut butter ughugh my fave candy would be cadbury's whole nut ,, yummy ! :-)

Lols x x x

Tindaloo said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Tindaloo said...

This is an awesome candy chris! I'm a new follower & have posted in my sidebar :) Thanks a bunch for the opportunity to win!
My favourite candy is: Cavalier Belgian Sea Shells (sugarfree & lowcarb - but yummy!)

Tigger a(r)t work said...

OMG, what a fantastic Candy!!!
I love it!! I squeeze the thumbs!! ;o)
I post your Candy on my blog

and i love Haribo.
I love Reese Peanut Butter cups too, but i don't become it here everywhere :o(.
Big Hugs

Nicole Brenna said...

Thanks for the great candy... I would love to win... my fave candy is blog candy of course but a little white chocolate is always nice too.

I am now a follower and I was thinking I have a thing on my blog called TRADE IT THURSDAYS if you would interested in entering...

Sarah said...

Hi Chris, I have to say that my fav candy has to be dark chocolate M & M's. I have become a follower, I love your work! And thanks for the great chance at some great Candy!

scrapaholicjen said...

My favorite candy is skittles! Congrats on reaching 300 followers!
Jennifer H
qtme2003 at yahoo dot ca
p.s. I'm from Alberta too!

bernietom47 said...

Hi Chris, I became a follower because I've been looking around and love your work. Congrats on having so many followers. Thank you for the opportunity to win this great candy. My fav candy is almond joy. Gosh I haven't had any in ages, Humm now I really want one. LOL
Hugs & Blessings

Squirrel said...

Congrats Chris! I'm a follower, and my favourite candy changes all the time. Today it's honeycomb toffee LOL.
Love your SSS card this week - SO cute!
Rosey x

Cathy said...

Fab candy Chris ... I would love to win it!! My favuorite candy is Malteasers ... they are the only sweet thing I eat!!
Cathy xx

Deloris said...

Lol, my favorite candy is anything with Chocolate in it.

I posted a photo and link to your blog candy giveaway on my blog.


Jessica L said...

I posted a link on my sidebar. Thanks for a chance to win some great candy!

I love all chocolate, but if hard pressed, I would have to say Butterfinger.

Nobody better lay a finger on my Butterfinger :D

Renee said...

I have to go with you and say PB Cups (or anything with chocolate). I am a candy freak!!

Linda said...

i love anythiong chocolaye, M&Ms are my favorite.

Chris, i won the Basic Gray goodies but my emails are not reaching you. Please email me at so I can get you my snail mail. I also left in in the other comments after my win posting. You are awesome, thanks, Linda

Jacilynn said...

yummy candy! your blog is so fabulous. Love it.
My favorite candy changes...right now it's junior mints.

Yvonne Russell said...

Hi - Thanks for the chance to be part of the fun.

I've posted your blog candy pic and link in my sidebar at

I'm a follower of your blog.

My favourite candy right now are Snickers Bars.

Thanks again.

A-len-ka said...

Chris, congratulations for so many followers! I've posted a link to your candy on the sidebar.
I love dark chocolate with orange peel or with hazelnuts.
Thank You for the chance to win such sweet candy!

Annelies said...

Congratulations on so many followers! I'm one of them and I've put a link in my sidebar . I absolutely love Snickers, but as I'm on a diet it's been way to long since I had one :( Thanks for a chance to win!Greetings from Belgium, Annelies

Lynne in NI said...

Congratulations on all your followers Chris - its always a pleasure to visit your lovely blog.
Thanks for the chance of winning your goodies. My weakness is Cadbury's dairy milk chocolate, especially with a cup of tea .... yumm!

Unknown said...

Hey Chris...fabulous sugar-free candy :) My favorite is Smarties...the Canadian kind ;) Will add your candy to my side bar!

Kleine85 said...

Hi Chris,

oh wow what an awesome candy! Love it!! Really.

My fave candy is chocolate-muffin, yummy!!

Thanks for having the chance to win this great stuff!



Melanie-Jane said...

Hi Chris,
Congratulations on your 326 followers now allready and thank you for sharing such a great candy.
My favourit sweet stuff is Swiss Chocolate, since I'm in Switzerland hehehehe. But I do like the chocoloate "baby ruth" :)
Have a great week.

Denimo said...

What a nice package of candy you're offering. Thanks so much for the chance to win!! :)

Lilli said...

Hi Chris,
congrats to so many followers (I'm one of them now ;) )
My favorite candy is white chocolate and "Gummibärchen"!
Thanks for your gorgeous candy!
Hugs, Lilli

juli (sweetpz) said...

congrats on 300+ followers!
yummy candy. i will link you to my sidebar =) My favorite candy is TWIX... yummmmmmm
thanks for the chance to win!

KarenB said...

Hi Chris and congratulations on 300 followers. I've had you on my reader list for a while but I've just joined as a 'follower' too.

I've linked you up on my sidebar.

My favourite candy is any kind of chocolate :)

Auntie Em said...

Congrats on having 300 followers! I love your little characters on your cards. They are all so cheerful!

Hehehe!!! I love candy...pretty well alll candy...but...Chocolate is my favourite! If you can put chocolate on it, around it, in it or over it, it's all good as the waistband of my pants can testify to! :D
Thanks for sharing your non-caloric stuff! :o)

martina's kaartjes said...

Oh oh oh, what a candy !! Great chance, this one I would not mis ! I became a follower and you're on my sidebar.
Greetings, Martina
P.S. I looooooove stamps, all kind... I'm a bith stampaddicted... : )

Fabella said...

Thanks for the chance of this gorgeous candy!!

One of my favourite candy .. Jelly Beans - love them :)

I posted you and your candy on my blog and sidebar:

Hugs Fabella

Corinne said...

Congrats on hitting 300+ followers. I enjoy checking out your blog at least once a week. My favorite candy would have to be Jelly Belly Jelly Beans!

I have posted about your candy on the sidebar of my blog.


Mirabelka said...

Already 330 followers!!! congratulations!

and thank you for being so generous!

My favaroutie candy is Milka chocolate

Mandy said...

congratulations to many followers. You have a fantastic Blog Candy

xx mandy

Basteltriene said...

its a fantastic candy, thanks for the chance to win!

rinat said...

fabulous candy, thanks for the chance to win. I'm already a follower and will link and post on my blog

Anonymous said...

Anything CHOCOLATE - the creamier the better, love how it melts on my tongue, Yumm!

Kayra said...

WoW! This is amazing candy, thank you for your generosity and chance to win!
My favorite candy is chocolate too, I really love milk chocolate!!!! mmmm!!!
I posted it on my side bar and I am now a follower!!
Nice Day,

Amanda said...

Wow Chris, thanks for the chance to win such yummy non-fattening candy! The fattening kind I loooove is a Kit-Kat chocolate. I'll give my two front teeth for it :-)
I am now a follower and have placed a pic of the candy in my candy lane. Love your creations!
Have a great week and weekend!

tylko_ja said...

amazing candy:) my favorite candy is chocolate of course:) I am follower now and I posted your candy on my blog:) sweet hugs:) ;)

hlcarroll said...

Yay, congrats on all the followers!! My favourite candy has to be aero, or chocolate buttons. I do agree with you and it would be peanut butter cups, but us Brits are left out and dont get them over here, they're yummy through! I'm a follower, but dont have a blog, will spread the word through!! :O) hannah xx

sucor said...

Hi from B.C.! Congratulations on reaching over 300 followers!! I enjoy seeing your creations and I had you in my favorites but now I am a countable follower. My favorite candy is chocolate like a Kit-Kat or Smarties. Thank you for the chance to win your generous candy!

Myrto said...

Hi, I was hooked by the title image of your blog. It is unusual, very nice - I simply LOVE it!!!!

My favorite candy is chocolate in every possible form!

Thanks for your fab candy


gila said...

Hallo Chris,
ein tolles Candy, ich gratuliere Dir zu Deinen 3oo Anhängern, ich gehöre schon lange dazu.
Ich liebe Schokolade in allen Variationen, lach, außer Trüffelschokolade.
lg gila

Kiksisworld said...

Hi Chris,

congrats for your 300 followers. I love all kinds of sweeties, but my favorite is Duplo.

Hugs Kiksi

Doggie Architect said...

My favorite type of candy is blog candy.

LOL but I like York peppermint patties too!

Dorte said...

What a beautiful candy so thank you for the chance to win.
My favorite candy is chocolate,
hugs Dorte

Marg said...

Thank you for the chance to win such fine blog candy. My favourite 'other' type of candy is Liquorice Allsorts......yum yum

Lückis Blog said...

hallo chris,

du machst tolle sachen, hab weiter so schöne ideen!

liebe grüße

Zetti said...

Thanks for the chance! My favourite candy is chocolate!
I´m now a follower and I´ve linked you in my sidebar.
Zetti :-)

Mary Anne / MA54K said...

I hooked up your candy and I'm so glad I found your blog so I can follow! My favorite candys are the brown caramels from Goetze's with the white creamy centers. Yum!

Kristine said...

Congratulations on your 300 followes! Way to go!
My favorite candy? oohhh, that's a hard one. Hmm. I think I will go with M&M (without the peanut..) I know, simple as that. But, we don't have them in regulare stores where I live(Norway). So I just have the once in a while...
And, Thank you so much for the chance to win!

SaDeBuque said...

Thank you so much for the opportunity to win such beautiful stuff! I have followed, linked and shared with all my friends! my favorite candy is by far: Dove Chocolate! thanks so much again!Sara (

Katarina said...

Fab candy - thanks for the chance to win. I've linked you on my candypost and your blinkie is already on my sidebar:

My fav candy depends on my mood, but lately I'm into a chocolate fudge thingy called center (in Sweden) I do love reese' peanutcups though...

fusiafscrapping said...

Wow! What a wonderful candy, thank you so much for the chance to win.
You are already on my blog sidebar.
Your projects are absolutely amazing.


Tanya said...

Congrats on your hits Chris!!!!!
Fantastic candy!!!!!!!!
Thanks for the chance to win this beauty! Really want to be the lucky winner.
My fav candy- chocolate with mentol.

Nikki said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Nikki said...

Oh Lala Treats :)
I've added a linky in my sidebar
hugs Nikki
I'll follow yah cause I wanna not because I have to :P
Fave Candy at the moment it's a toss up Dark Chocolate M&M's And Cherry and Berry little gummies from the bulk barn (the red and purple ones MMMmm ... darn Now I want some lol)

Nikki said...

P.S. Reese Peanut Butter now comes in a chocolate Bar ... you have to try it LoL

Unknown said...

Wow there alot of Candy here
and I your candy blog on my blog
thank for your give away
very yummmmm
would like to win this
Good luck to all

Olinda said...

Hi Chris,
Congratulations on your 300 followers! It's so good! Your cards are gorgeous!
I'm your follower now.
My favorite candy is chocolate. Thank you so much for the chance to win!

Kerstin said...

Hi Chris, thanks for the chance to win your candy. Sorry my English is not good school a long time ago, but google translator helps.
Greetings from Germany Plauen (Saxony) from Kerstin

sequin said...

I love candy Skittles! I'm glad to be your follower! Thanks for the chance! I hope for good luck! Candy wonderful! Link is on the right panel

At The Top Of The Cloud said...

Hello, Chris!!! Your candy is very delicious ;) and I like sweets))). I linked your candy at my sidebar

And my favorite is chocolate candies)))!!!

Hugs. Nadya.

BrossArtAddiction said...

Congrats on all your followers! With such an amazing blog I can see why!

My favorite candy is Reese's Peanut Butter cups too, but I prefer it to be the dark chocolate ones yummy!!

Thanks so much for the chance to win this amazing lot of candy!! :D

Steffi M said...

Thanks for the chance to win!
Lg Steffi

Annette said...

Woohoo, another fellow Canadian, I don't live in Calgary but I am next door in BC :-) Love your blog and I am now a follower!

My favourite candy has to be a Coffee Crisp :-)

I've posted about your blog on my blog, your candy is just wonderful and I thank you for the chance to win it :-)


Donelda said...

So funny, I was thinking of you just the other day!! I was wondering how your summer had been and whether you were looking forward to and getting ready for the new school year. Look at you go ... 300 followers!!! You are amazing!! Yeah!!! Nice to hear from you :-)

Jenny V. said...

Fabulous candy! Thank you so much for the opportunity to play in your candy.

Ayu (MimiPipi Craft) said...

It's So Great Candy.. Thanks for the chance ^^

My Favorite candy is chocolate.. ^^

Grinsekatze said...

Hi Chris,

thanks for the chance to win such a lovely candy! My favorite candy ist milk chocolate with nuts *yummy* can't get enough of it ;)

I linked your candy in my sidebar!

Hugs, Corinna

Laura KV said...

Hi Chris
Congratulations on reachin 300 followers. I hope I will be that successful when I finally get my blog sorted out.
I would love to win the prize you are offering. My favourite candy is anything that is galaxy chocolate.

Lori said...

Hi Chris ~ You know that I'm your follower : ) My fave candy is Snickers Dark!!! But I would take pretty much anything CHOCOLATE lol!

Thanks for letting us play!
Love and hugs ~

Unknown said...

Hi, I am a follower and have popped your candy on my MY SIDEBAR

FAVOURITE CANDY?? That is a hard one! I love chocolate so it has to be Ferrero Rochet chocolates!!

Take care Leigh x

Dragonlady said...

Hi Chris

Congratulations on the milestone. I am already a follower and have put a link on my sidebar.
Favourite candy - Fudge (Cherry or clotted cream).

Hugs Ali x

Tini A. said...

OOohhh Chris,
what a fab candy...yummy! So i will try my luck for this wonderful stuff.
Hugs from Germany.

Karin said...

Hello Chris,
Wow, what a great candy.It makes me drool (hi,hi). Now it is your turn: My favorite "Candy" is vanilla Ice cream covered with warm Belgian chocolate and chantilly. We call it "Dame Blanche"
Belgian greetings,

Anne said...

chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate!!!
Congrats Chris, your blog is fab so I'm not surprised you reached your goal.
Thanks for the chance to win some new stash hun, I've left a link on my candy page for you
Anne x

Rosa Forino said...

WOW!!! This is really some wonderful candy.. Thanks for a chance to win..
saluti dall'italia public slidebar on
Hugs, rosa
blog creative:

Carla said...

Hello Chris,

Wow, what a great candy, my favorite candy is chocolate and Ice cream.

Thanks for a chance to win this great candy.

Greetings from Holland


paperpapier said...

thank you Chris for the chance to win your awesome candy. Have linked to my candy sidebar and already a follower.
My fav candy is Hershey extra dark chocolate.
hugs, heaney

mariella said...

what a wonderful candy!!!i0m italian and my favourite candy is....the baba'!!!
i put the link in the sidebar of my blog, here

Manu said...

Hi Chris, compliments for the 300 (and more) followers, and thanks for your genorous candy!
I love any dark chocolate bar (expecially eat it sitted on the sofa ;o)).
Your link has been added to my blog right side bar.
Hugs from Italy

Create With Joy said...

Hi Chris

Thanks for the chance to win! I love truffles!

I'm a new follower and I've added your candy to my sidebar at Create With Joy. I'd be delighted if you dropped by when you have a moment and joined my family of Kindred Spirits as well!


me said...

LOL totally funny request therefor I am totally in! Also the 29th is my B-day after all so.. Ik am a real girly-girl I am afraid my favourite candy is chocolate bar, pure that is. best from 75%cacoa and up :D.
Have fun reading comments.

StampingPinkie said...

Thank you for such a great candy!
Speaking about favoturite definitely is all sorts of chocolate!!

Love from

Amarula said...

Thank you for candy!

Heike's Creativeplace said...

Wow, congrats to you. My favourite candy is chocolate "yummy". Thanks for the chance to win, i've linked you on my sidebar and i'm a follower.


Unknown said...

WOoooo hooooo did I miss out??? I am a follower!!!!! Yummy Chris!


Unknown said...

Oh yeah and it is Lindt truffles! YUMMY!

BrossArtAddiction said...

Wow! Oh my gosh really?!! I'm so! Thank you so very much! This is my very first time winning some blog candy!! I can't wait to receive it! And thank you so much for leaving a wonderful comment on my blog too!

Big big hugz!
Tracey :D~

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