Sunday, November 13, 2011

Crafty project to share!

My niece and I decided to make these jewelry holders that she saw on Etsy.  So we met at Michaels, got the supplies we needed then came back to my house to make them.  Within 1.5 hours, we had shopped and finished our creations! 

Here is mine - before necklaces:

And FULL of necklaces (I think I need to make another one, this is pretty full!!!) 

I bought a picture frame (this one is 16x20) and took out the glass.  I mounted cork onto the cardboard that was inside the frame then covered that with fabric.  I hot glued it down to the cardboard so it was nice and tight, then popped it in the frame.  Mine was a little trickier than hers, as the back holders were supposed to fit inside the groove, rather than slide over the back of the frame, but we managed to get it together with a little creativity!  I bought little push pins to hang the necklaces off of, and hung it up!

Easy peasy project!! And what a great gift idea!!! So if you have someone that is hard to buy for - this would make a great gift.  It was fairly cheap too - I think it cost me about $42 for everything - the frame was the most expensive...but if you went to a thrift store you might find them cheaper - or use one you already have at home!  AND I had the fabric already too, figured I'd use it since I never sew!!!

Thanks for popping by! Have a GREAT day!


Anne said...

oh wow Chris this is fab!!! It' looks brilliant and yes, a great gift idea
Hope your well
Anne x

Sandra H said...

Hi Chris, Just so amazing:) Sandra H

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