Sunday, February 24, 2008

Jan Marie's birthday celebration!

This woman is too much - her birthday is tomorrow (Monday) and she is GIVING oodles of presents away on her own birthday!! How awesome is that?? If any of you know Jan Marie, she is the owner of Flourishes. I just received my first order from her last week, and it was awesome! It came packaged in a white bag tied with black ribbon, and inside that bag, the nestabilities and paper I bought were wrapped in white paper and tied with cute black and white polka dot ribbon...sooooo cute!! So "boutiquey"...I love it!!!! Anyways, Jan Marie has been so sweet and I think you should all check out the link on SCS for her birthday bash here!! Check it out...big prizes and fun!!!! The Flourishes store site is here too, they have some awesome stuff, I can't wait for pay day!!!! Tee hee!!!!
Good luck if you play!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY JAN MARIE!!!!!

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