Saturday, February 23, 2008

Nestabilities Storage - finally!

I finally found something that works for storing my Nestabilities. I've been buying them a few at a time and am still missing a few but for now, I needed something other than the plastic they come in - it was unruly and didn't work for me!! So, I posted a HELP ME request on SCS and got lots of different ideas. This is one I think will work for me!! I bought empty CD cases from Staples ($6 for 10) and a couple rolls of magnetic strip from Dollarama and VOILA - I'm done!! Well, not quite!!! LOL First I pulled out the black insert thingys that the CD is supposed to attach to, cuz you don't need those!! Then, I stuck the magnet strip down the middle of each side of the CD case - I used that red sticky sticky sticky tape too, just to make sure it STUCK!!! Then, I placed the nesties on the magnets (because nesties are metal!!!!) SMART EH??? LOL In one CD case I got 2 sets in, so I put the scallop ovals small and large sets in one case, classic ovals small and large in one case, etc. Does that make sense?? I used my label maker to make labels for them each so I can just grab the shape I want. I bought an unfinished CD holder from Michael's (I might paint it one day!!) to hold them, and it will eventually get hung up on the wall above my cutter and cuttlebug (I am charging the battery for the drill right now!!!).


~KRISTY~ said...


Anonymous said...

Awesome! These are my next thing to start thanks for sharing the great idea! Super jealous now. :)

Deb said...

Thanks for the tip, this is a great storage idea, I just bought my first nestabilities a few weeks ago and thought they would be a problem to store, not now though!

Jane said...

Great idea! Love it! I haven't decided I HAVE to have these yet. I want them...but they'll wait until I win the lottery! (Along with the bind-it-all and the Cricut!)


Donelda said...

Oh lucky you -- nestabilities. These are on my wish list but will likely ahve to wait til Chrsitmas - I don't even own any "machine" that would allow me to use them. That might be an important first step. I'm glad you found a good way to store them.

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