Tuesday, July 22, 2008

OOPS, I did it again.......

(singing the Britney Spears song now???) Seriously, you know you have TOO MANY stamps when you do THIS continually! I ordered a couple stamps from Crafty Krafts in the UK, they came today.....and when I went to put them away and enter them into my spreadsheet (I know...anal! I THOUGHT it would help PREVENT this from happening, but it doesn't!!! DOHH!!) I realized I had TWO of them ALREADY!!! OMG, I am such a dope!!!! So, I will sell them to YOU - aren't you lucky?!?!? The first one is Tilda holding a watering can ($13) and the other is the Summer background ($15) - it is the background that is inside the circle of this card - hills, clouds, sun. They will slip nicely into an envelope so there won't be any extra shipping except for a stamp or two, so we can add on $2 for shipping and call it a day!!!! Let me know before Thurs. so I can get them out before I leave for vacation! :D


Littlekel90 said...

Oooh, me, me . . . will you hold them for me?! I go on vacation next myself, but I really won't have the money until we get back. :( Kel

Donelda said...

Shucks, Kelly beat me to it!!

Where are you going for vacation???

catt871 said...

You two can arm wrestle for them!! LOL Next time I screw up, I'll come to you first Donelda, ok??? Kelly, they are yours!!!

Going to BC- my sis has a cottage on Shuswap....can't wait!!!

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