Sunday, August 31, 2008

a few more trickling in..... I'm celebrating my birthday ALL month...I LOVE IT!!!

This gorgeous card is from my friend Tracy. The colours are so pretty together. This image is one of the ones I sent her and she did a super job colouring it!!! Thanks friend!!

This card is from my DSS (divine secret sister) Glenda, and I absolutely love the colours. It is so pretty! Glenda is so thoughtful! Thanks Big Sis!!!

This card is from my friend Donelda. This is such a pretty card and I know it took her a long time for all the stamping and cutting. She even decorated it inside. It is a beautiful card too!! Thanks friend!!!


Seleise said...

beautiful cards from great friends. I hope I get mine mailed to you before your next birthday! :)

Anonymous said...

Oh lovely cards, it is always a nice feeling to receive so many beautiful sentiments. I really like the card from Donelda, not sure why, it just struck me!

:) Marcia

Littlekel90 said...

ooh, more gorgeous cards, but I have to say Donelda's caught my eye. She is so talented. :)

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