Thursday, September 4, 2008

Some new cards I received!!

STILL getting cards and things in the mail, for various reasons. It's AWESOME!!!! This first one is a birthday card from MichelleO, the details on this card are amazing. Check out the sewing all the way around, the flowers and Tilda's toenails! Adorable! And the colours are great!!! WATCH next August for a DOUBLE BLOG BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION with Michelle and I. We are going to celebrate together!!! It will be FABULOUS!!! Michelle also sent me some Rain drop stickers and some stamped images! Thanks Michelle!!
This cute ladybug is from Heather.
This card is my first card from my new DSS (divine secret sister) - it is a criss cross card, very cute!!
I received this card as a pre-gift from my Christmas Secret Angel on a Magnolia yahoo group I'm on!! The glitter is done on the backside of the acetate - sooo cool...anyone know what technique that is called??

That's it for now, I'm running REALLY late for work - oops!!!! I have a couple more Tilda cards to post later, or I'll save them for tomorrow!!! Thanks for stopping by! Have a great day!


Littlekel90 said...

GREAT cards, lucky girl! ;) Kel

MichelleO said...

So glad you liked it! And looking forward to our party next year!

Simon said...

I am so lucky that you are my friend! Thank you for the gaaahhhgeous card!!!

Anonymous said...

Chris, this has to be the longest birthday wish in a while!!!

The glitter technique, not sure what it is called but I read a tutorial on SCS once, but it used clear packing tape instead.

:) Marcia

Crissy Armstrong said...

This card is amazingly creative. I love the windows you have the images behind. and all the glitter is great!

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