Tuesday, August 19, 2008

nothing to show you, but the bags under my eyes!!

LOL! Kidding! I am exhausted though. This last week before school, I help out my friends hubby with his business. What he does is supply band/music teachers the sheet music and a variety of musical instruments, cleaning bits, pieces, for all sorts of musical instruments, etc. that they need for the first week of school (in 2 weeks). So, this week is CRAZY busy for him as he tries to get all the orders out from 3 provinces! It is insane. He runs this business out of his house and it is pretty chaotic. This is my 3rd summer helping him, and each year I say yes, forgetting how freaking tired I am when I get home. I have to haul heavy boxes up and down stairs, make 180 trips up and down stairs, and their house is SO hot, I'm sure I sweat off 20 pounds today!! LOL so, needless to say, I have not done any crafting, even though I got some new Magnolia's, some new stamps from Alota Rubber stamps, new stamps from Sweet n Sassy AND my new Great Impressions stamps from Dick at HM Stamps!!! I KNOW....that is a crime isn't it?? Hmphhhh!!!! I have Friday off, so guess what I'm doing????????? Wheee HOOooooooo!!!!!

Sorry bout my little rant, but I feel better now, thanks for listening (if you made it this far!) I am off to bed!!!


Tracy said...

What a great friend you are! I'm sure your friend appreciates your help. It makes those new stamps so well deserved!

Anonymous said...

What a nice thing to do, and I am sure your friend appreciates it immensely.

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