Friday, August 29, 2008

Paper bag cards

Ok, I TOTALLY cased this card from DEB....I apologize but wanted to get the feel of these cards before I attempted one on my own. She sent me one for my birthday VERY similar to this one! This is the front of it, held closed with a velcro dot. The colours are hard to tell (GRRRR camera) but they are Not Quite Navy and So Saffron. The punched edge is my new All Fleurs embossing border punch from Fiskars.
This is the inside of the card - I used rub ons for the very first time on my cards and kinda like them! I messed up the flourish a bit, so I just covered it with a flower! Shhh, don't tell anyone! The stamps are all Magnolia except the "For You" - it is from the SU Mini Mates set. The primas are all from my stash!

I don't know why the first picture is so yellow but the second one is fine - I took them with the same camera, same setting, same time (20 seconds later)......FRUSTRATING!!!! Anyone else have a small digital camera that can give me some tips? It is a Canon Power Shot A590IS - brand new, so still learning about it. What setting should I have it on so the pictures aren't so yellow? I have it on Auto, with the macro on, and the flash. I've also tried it without the flash. ARGHHHH!!!!


Littlekel90 said...

Hey, Chris, this card is adorable. I love the swirl/flourish and the fleur edging too. As for your Canon PowerShot. I have a similar one (different #),and I sometimes get yellow pics, too. I use the auto setting on the dial, then click for macro and turn off my flash. I then add brightness to it on PhotoShop (PSE4). I have seen a tutorial about white space/lighting, and maybe you can find it in your booklet that came with the camera. I still didn't understand how that worked, but maybe you will (when I find the link I will email it to you). It is supposed to cut down on the yellow look and make it brighter/whiter. *shrug*

MichelleO said...

Wow this is wonderful love the details both inside and out!!! Love the border punch!

don't know if this helps with the photoing.. I had the same problems, it was my "house" lighting. I got a photo tent with natural lighting and I don't have as much of a problem...

Donelda said...

hey Chris, this card is amazing!! welcome to using rub-ons. I don't use them often but I like them when I do use them. Stampin' Up has started carrying them and they have some great ones for card making. As per the pictures, I too have had the "yellow" effect and a "blue" effect too in the past. I think it is reflection of the colors around the place you are taking the pictures. I got the blue when I was photographing my card in front of my living room window -- with navy blue curtains...hence blue lighting!! ugh!!! Like Kelly suggested, I've learned to turn off my flash!! and use as much natural light as possible (not direct light but lots of light). Outside is perfect where the sun is not shining directly on your card but it is light out. Alternately, I've gotten a photo cube, where you put you card in and point the lights at it and take the picture. It seems to help but I have still gotten comments that my cards are "too dark" to see. It is all still a mystery to me. I am getting a new camera for my birthday and I'm considering taking a photography course :-) maybe that will help me take better pics too!! :-)

Anonymous said...

Great case. Looks awesome.

I do my photos through Picassa, which gives me the chance to lighten/darken/B&W etc.. I then photoshop them through Both programs are free to download. At the time I thought I would give them a go before shelling out $$$$ on any other programs. I was happy enough with them I never changed.

There is also a lot to be said about turning the flash off and using natural light. I have an OTT light which I use when taking photos. Flash off, near the window.

:) Marcia

Deb said...

fantastic Chris, so thrilled that you liked my card enough to case it! Thanks so much for the link too!
Photographs can be so frustrating, I try to get as much natural light as possible but am going to invest in a daylight bulb for the winter as I had such a hard time last winter, I try not to use the camera flash.

Jacqueline said...

That is neat!

Denise said...

Chris...this is my first time to your blog and I love it! I loved your cards they are just beautiful and I feel so inspired to try this.

As far as the camera with yellow pics.....I would say its the lighting in the room...try taking your pics in the brightest room in the house near a window. They say to get the most natural light is a couple hours after the sun comes up and a couple hours before the sun goes down....for crisp light!
Hope it this helps!

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