Sunday, August 16, 2009

Birthday Blog Candy......are you ready??

this will stay at the top until Aug.16 - please scroll down to see the newest posts!!!! THANKS!!!

Alright, here it is...what you've been waiting for!!! It took me awhile to get the goodies together and take pictures of them!!! So, here are the prizes:

Prize #1

- scrapbook stickers, huge bag of Prima flowers, Ranger Distress ink (Broken China), 2 rolls of ribbon, bear stamp, tube of glitter, Magnolia stamp (elephant), Papertrey Ink 6x6 paper sampler, PLUS a SURPRISE!!!

Prize #2:

- Making Memories 6x6 paper sampler, scrapbook stickers, purple stickles, ribbon, tube of rhinestones, Stampin Up stamp set (polka dot punches), Magnolia stamp (elephant), PLUS a SURPRISE!!!

Prize #3:

- Making Memories 6x6 paper sampler, butterfly scrapbook stickers, flower embellishments, ribbon, tube of brads, Happy birthday stamp from TAC, Magnolia stamp (Tilda with cat), PLUS a SURPRISE!!!!

All you have to do is leave a comment on this post telling me an embarassing or funny story that happened to you at a birthday party (your own or someone else's)!

I would love it if you became a follower of my blog but it is not a requirement! Or just pop by once in awhile and say hello! I would love to see you here!

I will draw the winner on Monday, Aug.17, as I will be away for the weekend and won't be home until Sunday night!!! I will draw & post the winners in the morning, so make sure you post by Sunday night!!
I can't wait to read your funny stories!! Good luck to you all!!!!


MoooooN said...

Wow! I don't remember any funny story... I have really nothing to tell you... I try to remember something, but I can't.

Lynne in NI said...

Happy Birthday Chris!
My 5 year old nephew thought it was hilarious when we told him last week that when presented with his birthday cake on his first birthday, he just sunk his teeth in and came up with his entire head covered in chocolate! The photograph is priceless!

Nunt said...

Blah Chris,

I am seriously boring here. I think my last birthday party was when I was about 10 and having friends over for cake was still fun and innocent. To be honest my memory doesn't really cover that far back, so no stories from there. Then you got those mandatory visits to relatives, be they under school age or at retirement age, and those haven't really been too frequent or funny either. I think the most lively birthday party I've been to lately was my uncle's 50-years party a few years back, and even though the booze was free and flowed a lot, there was no accidents there either, or funnies, unless you count my grandmom at 70 getting a bit tipsy and trying to get younger men to dance with her.

So I am sorry, no embarrassing stories here :/ Woah, am I boring or what? :D I'd still love to be in the prize pool *puppydog-eyes* and I added you to my candy bar ^_^


Holly said...

Wow Chris, you've got some great prizes here! Congratulations on so many hits! I don't think this is really embarrassing or funny, but it's what stands out in my mind as far as birthday memories go - When I turned 12 my oler sister threw me a surprise party. Later she took me, my friends, and my little sister to ride on the super slide (not sure you remember those but they are HUGE slides you'd go down on a burlap sack) Anyway, I rode with my little sister on my lap. As we were going down, she moved and pushed my leg out to the side. My leg touched the lip of slide and gave me a burn (like a rope would burn your hand if it was pulled really fast) I had a strip of small blisters the length of my leg!

mitch1066 said...

No birthday stories here either.But thank you for sharing the joy!!

Stef H (Glitterbabe) said...

wow! great candy. and now you want me to reach into the far corners of my brain for a story?????? r u nuts???? deep breath.... ok. when my son was 7 he begged (literally begged) me to take to him great adventure (6 flags now) because he absolutely, positively HAD to go on this one roller coaster. soooo, i took him. we got there, he stood frozen to the spot looking up at this roller coaster he just HAD to go on and said.... "I ain't going on THAT!!!". what? i spent $107 and you "don't want to go on that?????" and i was NOT about to get on it either. no way,no how. so, we walked around the park in the 98 degree (and rainy) weather and i never took him anywhere for his birthday after that. call me cruel! you had to be there. it really was funny!


Jacque said...

I'm just popping by to hug ya and tell you how wonderful you are!!! I don't have a story to tell because my whole life is a funny story and you will believe me when I tell you it gets FUNNIER and CRAZIER with every passing a wonderful weekend MatildaLouise...Hugs..Jacque

Donelda said...

Wow are going all out!!! 3 prizes, are you kidding me??!! Funny bday party stuff...mmmm, I don't really "do" bday parties any more and only had 1 as a kid!! So, I can tell you one regarding my sons bday party. We had invited a bunch of his friends over and one of the games we were going to play was find the hidden socks (based on a computer game he played). They were socks made out of bristol board and were hidden all over our back yard. Well, about 4 families decided to bring their dogs (which didn't really go over well with us - we prefer cats afterall) and one went around peeing on all the hidden socks. It was more than my husband could handle but I thought it was hilarious!!

I hope you are having a great summer!!

pinky said...

For my late Mum's 60th birthday the family booked a party room in a hotel and held a surprise party. I was to bring her to the room as if we were going for a meal, lights out and everyone ready to shout. But i took her to the wrong room, another surprise party but full of 21 year olds! The lights shot on and everyone shouted surprise! then a deadly silence. My mum saw the funny side, but nearly had a heart attack and it kinda ruined her own party surprise! Happy birthday Chris just don't go to the wrong party lol.

Lilly said...

When I was 5 my aunt gave me a stamps set for my birthday. But I poured some of the ink on my skirt so I spent the entire party trying to cover the stain. In every single photo I am in a funny way.
Thanks a lot for this great candy! Wow!

Christina said...

happy burfday! i can't remember anything embarrassing on my bday other than drinking too much and not feeling well afterwards. :)

Agus :) said...

Hi! lovely blog candy!! thanks for the chance to win :) Im going to link your blog right now!
A funny story in my birthday... well I don´t remenber but I remenber one of a friend that we were playing hide-and-seek and it was a very big place with many tree and play to play. It past half an hour and he didn´t appear!! It was time to eat the cake and he wast here... so his mom told us to start eating, soo she went to look for it. When my friend arrived was all covered with mud!! he losted and couldnt find the way to come back! Since that day we dont play anymore hide and seek in that place :P
Sorry for the gramatical mistake I try to do my best...

Here is my blog.



Raquel said...

Great Candy!!! Hmmm...A funny story from a birthday party, well when I was younger I had a birthday party and my friend thought it was funny to smash cake on my face, we thought it was funny at the time, I even have a picture of the mess, lol. Thanks for the chance to win!!

KarenB said...

Happy birthday!! Hope you had a fabulous day.

My birthday story wasn't funny at the time, but we all look back now and laugh :) We took my DD and some of her friends 10-pin bowling for her 8th birthady. They were struggling a bit so my DH decided to show them how to do it... and promptly dropped the ball on his foot - let's just say he didn't exactly say **OUCH** but let out a few choice words!! With four wide-eyed 8yr old girls just staring at him, LOL!!

Seleise said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, CHRIS!!!!! Awesome blog candy and great idea for the comment. hmmm -I have sooo many... For my 30th b-day, my sister was in town and wanted me to go with her to run an errand. I was in a crabby mood and kept griping about everything and said - dang - I hope you're not taking me to a surprise b-day party because I'm in a crappy mood and haven't washed my hair and look like crap and ... turns out she was taking me to a surprise party but was so scared by my poor attitude that she fessed up. I felt horrible but then we laughed and went and had a great time. I'm such a loser sometimes but luckily my friends and family love me anyways. :) I'm sure you're as lucky because you're such an awesome person! Have a fabulous year!

Rochelle said...

Happy Birthday, Chris, and thanks for the opportunity to win some great blog candy.

My story goes waaaaaaay back to when I was 12 and attended my first boy/girl birthday party. It was a very special party given by the parents of a boy who I dreamed would someday be my husband (LOL). His mom thought it proper for each of the boys to pull out the chair of the young lady sitting next to him. Well the 'gentleman' to my right took this responsibility a little too far and pulled the chair out from in under me. I came crashing to the floor and along with it my pride. Everyone laughed and I tried really hard to do so as well. It wasn't my best birthday party experience, but it is one that I'll never forget. Fortunately, it hasn't happened to me again....I'm verrrrrry cautious and aware of who is 'helping' me with my chair :-) Ohhhh, the problems of youth LOL.

Linda said...

WOW girlie three really fabulous blog candies!!
My funny birthday story is from my 50th birthday. There was a huge party with lots of family and friends. My son and daughter-in-law gave me a little package to open...and it was a book named Funny You Don't Look Like a Grandma. I looked at this book and read the cover a couple of times.....the room was so quite you could have heard a pin drop... and then I said "Well that must be because I am not a Grandma." Everyone in the room began to laugh....and I said "Well I am not a Grandma."....and everyone started to laugh harder. My mom finally said "I need a book about being a Great Grandmother." I was just so caught off guard and everyone had to practically color me a son and DIL were announcing to me that they were going to have my first grandchild.

Anonymous said...

Fabulous blog candy, Chris. Thanks for the chance. I have added it to the sidebar of my blog.

Embarrassing birthday moments, this is an easy one.......
I had a friend who mixed up peoples was for a friend of ours birthday and one was for a a different girls Bachlorette party. lol Alittle embarrassing to open up a gift on your birthday in front of everyone and it be for a Bachlorette party, if you know what I mean. lol Glad it wasn't me!! lol

Happy early birthday!

Diane said...

Oh my! Great prizes!!! I too don't have any funny story of my birthdays,I usually try to hide for my b'day,lol. But I do love your blog so I'll keep coming back for sure!

msfreida said...

Happy Birthday Chris! :) I LOVE birthday parties, especially when they aren't mine! The funniest one that stands out to me the most was a surprise party I had planned for my best friend's 40th birthday. I had treated her earlier in the day to lunch and then a manicure for the two of us to kinda through her off guard of what was to come. Well I am the type to NEVER spend that kind of money on myself (rather have some new stamps!), but she convinced me to try some acrylic nails. oh...they did look GOOD!...REAL GOOD!!! :)At $65, they should have, right? Well, later that night, her husband was bringing her into her house as we all did the "surprise" thing, while I was lighting the candles on her cake. Well GUESS WHAT? MY NAILS WENT UP IN FLAME!!! ALL $65 WORTH!!! Needless to say, those were the last of my acrylic nails, in fact, I haven't had a manicure since! Can you imagine...all 10 fingertips just a blazing! :) After that, I DID need that margarita!


Jane said...

Hmmm...I can't think of an embarrasing birthday story. How about a non-birthday one? One day I went to the zoo with my hubby...he was wearing a bright yellow shirt. I'd wandered away and then wandered back to him. Put my arm around him and said how much I loved the prarie dogs...only to have someone else's voice say "I love them too". It was NOT my hubby. Just happened to be wearing a bright yellow shirt. My hubby (and the rest of my family) enjoyed laughing at me for the rest of the day! LOL.


Mayra said...

I can´t remember any funny story at this time, but what i can tell you is that as a crafty Girl, I love to make all kind of stuff for my daugther´s party, decorations, party favors, invitations... and I always have a great time with the preparations for the party
Thanks for the chance to win your blog candy!

Sem said...

Happy Birthday Chris! Yum, yum - that was definitely worth the wait!! LOL! And not one, but 3! You are super generous - thanks for the chance, hun!

My 8th birthday party sticks out in my mind, for the wrong reasons! It was the first year I had a joint birthday party with my then best friend. I remember sitting in my bedroom with her planning the party and writing lists of who to invite for hours upon hours. Our parents had hired a hall and a DJ, and we invited everyone we knew. The party was rocking, and we all had a good time. Then one of the boys from my class got up on the mic and told the entire party that I really liked this boy called Martin (which I did, but nobody knew). Well, being 8, I burst into tears. Then the DJ immediately played "It's my party and I'll cry if I want to" - it wasn't funny at the time, but I still laugh about it now! LOL!

Hugs, Sem x

JanJ said...

Thanks for offering such a great candy, I've become a follower & put a link to your candy on my blog.

When I was a teenager I was at a friends party and we were dancing in the garden, doing high-kicks, my shoe flew off and landed in the pond! Everyone found it so funny but I was so embarrassed!!

All the best

Jan xx

Anonymous said...

Happy Day! I am already a follower. Nothing too exciting or funny for a birthday but I threw a birthday party for my mom. She had too many bottles of Cold Duck and Champagne. Well, somehow she managed to lose the keys to the car. So, we had to take a cab ride home. It was hilarious seeing my mom enjoy herself so much. Then, the next year she didn't didn't think I would ever do a surprise party and so I did it again the next year. Just sort of fun!

Great blog candy!

Chris R. from Iowa

Chrissy's Creations said...

Hi Chris!
My favorite funny birthday memory has to be at my daughter's first party. Her Aunt bought her one of those big yellow foot powered ride in cars and she was so excited to go for a ride but she wasn't quite a walker yet and was pushing the car backwards!!! The look on her face was priceless.

gila said...

Herzlichen Glückwunsch, Chris,
also eine lustige oder nicht lustige geschichte.
Zum Geburtstag meines mannshatten wir eine schöne Torte, die stand schon auf dem Tisch.
wir waren nur nochmal in der küche, in der zeit hat sich unser kater auf den tisch begeben und sich an der torte gelabt.

ein tolles candy, danke
lg gila

Patricia said...

Hi Chris,

Happy Birthday!!
I think my most embaresing moment of my birthday was when I turned 18... I told my mom not to give me drivers lessons.. What did she do? Yeah.. she gave me my fist driverslesson.. I was so nervous... everyone stands by the window and are looking how I drive away the very first time...

The Candy is Fab!! I placed the candy on my sidebar and I become a follower!!


Christina C. said...

Hi Chris! Let's see. . . My nephew came for a visit with his 6-yr. old son. As usual, my husband talked non-stop and little Matt wanted to go fishing. He turned to me and said "No offense, but your husband talks too much".
Hahahahaha Love, Christina said...

I made a cake for my 1 year old's party. He loves monkies so I thought I would put a big circle cake with 2 cupcakes for ears and decorate. Ummm.....he ended up looking like a mouse...a VERY ugly mouse. Decorating a cake is much harder than it looks and clearly not my thing. I am emailing you a pic!

Heidi said...


helen ... said...

hi Chris , thnkas for the chance you give us ,thanks a lot, and now i am trying to remember stories of my happy birthday ,well when i was a child i had a party ,i remember that it was funny ,i danced whit my cousins ,all we eated a lot of candies , chocolate cake and i I had a pain in the stomach =P ,that is my story ,=)
thanks again fro the canhe kisses and hugs from peru

Gigi said...

Happy birthday Chris!!! Brand new follower here. You have a great blog here and i'm totally loving your creations so far =) So my funny birthday story... when I was opening my birthday present, some of my friend had given me a Pooh cookie tin which reminded me of a present my parents had got me. I told them that my parents gave me tickets to see Cinderella the musical and when I went to open the cookie tin there were tickets to go see the same show. I ended up going with my friends and my parents used my tickets lol. Thanks for doing this great giveaway =)

Sweet 'N' Crafty Gal said...

Happy birthday hun!
Ok you have to keep this secret... on my 8th birthday (my gosh that was some time ago) i had a swimming party my mum had brought me this jazzy costume that was lemon and green (fashion then, disaster now!) anyway... i was there with all my friends being birthday girl n all, went down the waterslides and was having a great day, thinkin everyone was looking at me cus it was my birthday, how wrong was i!!! the costume my mum had brought me being lemon in parts went see thru!!! my gosh even 16 years later i can still remember it clear as day!!! haha!!
hope you have a lovely day hun!
thanks for the chance to win some lovely things
hugs carlyann xx

Emma said...

Hi chris, wow fab candy!!

I dont have a birthday story but i have a new years party one..... i was quite young, only 13 at my cousins new years eve party for the millenium.

I was drinking (naughty me) and ended up drinking way to much.... attempted to get to the bathroom and ended up in my cousins bedroom..... i was sick everywhere!

It was so embarrasing...... nearly 10 years on and i still get reminded of that now!!

Sorry, it's the only thing i could think of!! Em xx

chingya said...

erm...thats was told to mi by my mum...
that i've ever ruin my bro's birthday cake by sitting on it when i'm 5!!

Payne Holler Cards said...

Happy Blog Birthday! and thank you for your awesome candy ...I love each package!! hmmm, I never had a birthday party(because it's Dec 28th so I always get lost in the Christmas rush) until I was 50! my grown daughters surprised me and had so many friends come! They did it the day after so I really had no idea. Now the embarrassing part is HOW HARD I CRIED! it was really emabarrassing - had to excuse myself and go cry in the bathroom. Not used to being the center of attention and it was overwhelming LOL! Very special memory to me.... I signed us a follower - you have a beautiful blog!

Denise said...

I don't really remember any birthdy "events" of mine. I do recall being responsible for getting my sister to her surprise party. We were out "sunning" and decided to stop by mom on the way home. SURPRISE....I went to get cleaned up but she spent the rest of her party in her sweaty, oily bathing suit. Thanks for the chance to win.

Denise H.

Froggy said...

oh what yummy candy!! I honestly can not think of a funny/embarrasing story at a birthday party...I guess I am too boring! LOL

I added your link to my sidebar and I am a follower

Thanks for the chance to win!

Anonymous said...

Thank's for the chance to win this gorgeous candy,
I can remember a party for my Gran and as you would expect all the family were their and my Hubby told my Mum we were having a baby.
(You should have seen my Mom's face)
It was priceless...
We still have a good giggle about that party....

Kim. said...

Hi Chris, this is my first visit here and I was enticed from another blog by your wonderful candy.
My story:- well my mother & grandmother arranged a surprise 21st party for me but each thought the other had sorted out my diversion until ready but hadn't so everyone was there having a lovely time except ME who was merrily having a quite drink with an old friend that I had not seen for years (hence why she knew nothing of a party). There were a few choice words between mother & grandmother I can tell you, but we still laugh about now everytime someone mentions a surprise party.
Happy Birthday to you.
Kim xXx

Amy said...

I can't remember exactly how old I was, only that I was in elementary school. My younger brother, my grandfather and myself all have birthdays within a week of each other and were celebrating them together with dinner on the patio by our pool. Despite my mother's better judgement we insisted that the proper number of candles for each of be represented on the cake (there was not a spot on the top of the cake that wasn't covered). We didn't even get them all lighted before we had a small fire on our hands. My mom tried to pick up the cake and take it into the kitchen to put it out in the sink but it was too hot and ended up in our swimming pool - what a mess! No birthday cake that year, but we laugh about it every year and joke about the chances of starting another "inferno" as each of us gets older.

Paola said...

Hi Chris,

great candy!!

Ok, an embarrassing story.

an embarrassing story.
We just came into puberty and I danced with my girlfriends the famous ducksdance.
I did not know, a boy in which I was totally in love, stood at the window and watched us.
When he then called me to congratulate me, I prefer to sink in the ground.
(Sorry my english)

Hugs, Paola

-Agnes- said...

Happy Birthday! My story: some friends, a lovely couple, happened to somehow get the date wrong and turned up the evening before! Sadly, they were not free the next evening... so rather than sending them away again, we decided to have a miniature party on the wrong day as well as the main party.

LEMphotography said...

This is lovely candy! Happy Birthday to you!

I haven't had anything funny happen to me at a birthday party, but I have a funny story from a friend.

My friend Jen was having a 21st birthday with her friends and family. Our friend Ann got her a dildo as a gag gift, and put it in a pretty gift bag that she grabbed at CVS on the way to the party. Ann had to leave the party early. Before she left, she had specifically told Jen NOT to open it in front of everyone. Jen's grandmother bought her a lovely gift and had wrapped it in the same pretty gift bag from CVS. Guess which gift bag Jen opened in front of her grandmother and the rest of the party.... LOL


queen-of-nostalgia said...

When I was a kid, I went to a sleep over birthday party, and when we first got there, the birthday girl was so excited to show us her pet bird. We let it out, and it was playing on a chair... and then it keeled over. Literally keeled over. Flop.

Needless to say, presents and cake later were awkward since the birthday girl cried the entire time. We all tried to make her feel better, but none of us really had known the deceased bird for more than the two minutes we saw him...

Tinkering Tinkerbell said...

I think that birthday parties are a bit stiff. The host/hostess is nervous because he/she is trying to make sure that everything is just perfect. The guests are nervous because they don't want to disappoint the host. And that is when the funny situations occur.:)
The best birthday party I have ever been to was my friends sweet sixteen. (She still says that it was disastrous;) She was so nervous after the whole day of preparations that when she finally came down to greet her guests (who were about to sing 'happy birthday' to her), she was wearing two different shoes. Everybody was laughing so hard that her sister sat down on the birthday cake (which her mother put on a chair for a moment because she was afraid she might have dropped it). After that the atmosphere was so relaxed that everybody could really enjoy themselves. And there were no more 'catastophes'. :)

Tinkering Tinkerbell

Moni said...

Happy birthday! I dont have any funny or emberresed thing to say, but I am already your follower and linked you on my blog! Hugs,Moni

Jacilynn said...

Happy Birthday Chris! Hope you have a great day!
The only story I can think of is at my 13th bday party some of the kids wanted to play spin the bottle and I was horrified by the thought of my parents catching us, so I started crying. needless to say we didn't end up playing it. LOL

craftypagan said...

Happy Birthday hun! Hope you have a great weekend away too! How lucky are we being treated to 3 chances to win! They're all fabulous too! Hmmm my funny story....There are quite a lot involving drunken funny stories but are a bit naughty so I'll stick to a tame one! When I was 16 me and some friends went out for my birthday to a chinese restaurant, all having a great time and the food came we were quite a large group there was one of those large spinny things in the centre of the table that you turn to 'pass' the food along...well I spun it a bit too much and all the food went flying! We were all completley covered! It really was quite funny at the time!

Lots of Love

Vanja said...

Happy Birthday and thanks for a chance to win! I will add the link in my sidebar. I really can't remember any embarrassing moment from any of my Birthdays, or funny.


Jenny said...

Happy Birthday Chris and thanks for a chance to win! A funny birthday story, I really wanted a Louis Vuitton bag and my cousin had got me a Louis Vuitton shopping bag it's when you purchase a bag and they give you those paper bag. She was so funny because she couldn't affort to buy something there and she ask the sell person if she could just have those paper bags. It was so funny when I open the paper bag that she stuff with tissue paper and on the button was a $100 gift card to the store.So that means I had to save my money and pay the rest. But I got one LV bag.


mae said...


PBrown9624 said...

Thanks Chris for the opportunity to win some great candy! The best story I have is when I went to a birthday party and had to use the restroom. This was before cell phones...I went to leave the bathroom & the door handle came off in my hand! The party was so loud no one heard my cries for help. I was locked in there for over an hour waiting for someone else to have to "go". And they didn't even have any reading material in there LOL!!!Pam Brown

Annelies said...

On my 18th birthday party, one of my friends, who already had a few drinks, asked my sister if she was my mother. Pretty embarrassing for both him and her! But he could blame it on the beer. Thanks for a chance to win! Greetings from Belgium, Annelies

Katarina said...

Ok, so this isn't really hilarious and not really on a party, but you'll know what I mean:

Last year my fiancée celebrated his 30:th birthday. My gift to him was that we were taking scuba divingcertificates in cold Sweden in spring and then we would go somewhere warm on his b-day in august. We passed the certificates and went to Malta. On his actual birthday we decided to celebrate under water at 30 meters depth. The thing is that when you start going down that deep some people can get strange reactions. We were with an instructor and went to a place where the oceanfloor was exactly at 30 meters. Our instructor handsignalled us to stand on the floor. My fiancée didn't get what she meant at all. He was flapping around and when she tried to point at his fins he started grabbing them looking very funny. I was confused because I didn't understand what he was up to. It was quite funny when we talked about it afterwards. Don't know if you thought it was funny, I guess you must've been there. But I'm sure you can imagine someone you know flapping around like a stranded seal deep deep under water, lol.

Thanks for the chance on your fab candy. I spread the word on my candypost. Things this delicious shouldn't be hidden :)


Tracy said...

Happy Birthday Chris!!!! I don't want to be considered for the blog candy, but I will share a story anyways. When I turned 21, my now husband was taking me out for it. His ex-girlfriend called when we were getting ready to leave, and I got insanely jealous yelling stupid things into the phone while he was talking to her. I didn't talk to him the rest of the night. Stupid now. I completely embarrassed myself!

Lisa said...

I can't really think of anything funny or embarrasing but great candy, Thanks for the chancew to win, I am now a happy follower

Crazy Creations said...

Funny story ,Its not funny but sweet on my B-day this I got my ring My boyfriend had our two year old son give it to me ,On the top of the box it said I PROMISE!!It just something I would always say ,I just want a promise .And he gave me one it was the best gift I ever got !!!Sarah

Rufus said...

Wow, what marvelous candy X 3!

Ok, I've had a great time reading everybody's stories, here's mine. My Mom and I gave a surprise Birthday party for my Dad. My brother who supposedly couldn't come to the party, was to call him and keep him busy on the phone while everyone gathered so Dad wouldn't notice all the activity. After the party got going (with about 50 people) my brother walked in. Talk about a surprise! He didn't tell any of us he was coming, just flew down, rented a car and drove on over. He'd been talking to Dad on his cell while driving around the neighborhood! Mom was so shocked that for a min she wasn't even sure who he was!

Not to mention that he was wearing a suit, having flown down straight from work. Everybody else was in shorts and sandals! It was really funny at the time.

Anonymous said...

Best wishes.
I am already your follower and linked you on my blog!

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