Friday, November 9, 2012

Organizing Frenzy

Ok, so I had a LOT of time on my hands while I was off work...and did some sufing (when I could - the scrolling made me nauseaus most days!)  on home organization websites, blogs, etc. THAT is where the Crap baskets came from (see my post HERE)

I was folding & putting away  laundry and was so angry at my T-shirt drawer because I couldn't fit them all in was jammed and I had NO idea what was in there, and the poor shirts on the bottom NEVER got worn!  SOOOOOOOO, I looked up ways to organize T-shirts, and VOILA!  AMAZING what you can find when  you GOOGLE! LOL

Here is a before picture:

And here is the after....I DID get rid of a few that were stained and ratty, and it still looks crowded but at least its neat and tidy.  HERE is the blog that I got this from, but there are a TON of You Tube videos and blogs about them. AND this way, I can see the ones I have - the ones at the back are a bit harder to see but they are ones that don't fit right now! LOL

AFTER that, I felt soooo good, I decided to do my socks and undies drawers......... Forgot to take a BEFORE pic (but trust me, they were ATROCIOUS!) but here are the after pics: I just used some plastic bins I had kicking around  here that fit in the drawers. (bras on the left, undies in the next 2 - FOLDED (k, that's just weird for me!) and behind them are my sports bras and spanx!)

AND my socks!   Thin black socks that I wear EVERY day to work on the left, thin "coloured" socks in the middle, and white sport socks for work outs on the right. In behind them are my big thick winter wooly socks (NEED those here in Canada!!!)

There are still 2 drawers in my dresser that have to be done (Pajamas and Sweat pants/work out clothes) - but I was tired after that! LOL 

ANOTHER DAY!!!!  Lets see how long this lasts!!!!  BUT I'm on a mission to DECLUTTER my house & my life, so this is a first step!  Wish me luck!

IF you stuck around till here, thanks!  Now go organize something of yours!!!!


Myrna said...

Hope your no longer feeling nauseous.
What a great feeling to get de-cluttered. Thanks for some really great ideas.
Hope you are weathering all our snow here.

Nikki said...

OMGosh your cleaning next your closet will be color cordinated :) hugs

Lynne in NI said...

Ohhh I so need to sort out my drawers too!

Annette said...

Can you pop over and sort out my undies please?

ps - I'd love to see a pic of what they look like in a month to see if you've done the laundry and just chucked them back in a heap on the top rather than folding them up properly!!! LOL

Hope you're feeling better now hun.

Cathy Spicer said...

Great job!! I've been working on decluttering as well and need to do a sweep of the dresser drawers. I used to fold my undies and decided it wasn't worth it. Now I have a basket just for them. Right from the dryer and dropped in the tub. LOL. I don't mind if they are a bit wrinkled.

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