Thursday, May 1, 2008

VEGAS, here we come!!!!

Ok, it's not for awhile but we just booked the tickets today!!! I CANNOT wait!! I've never been there - mind you, I've never really been anywhere - except Disneyland when I was 10! Tim's sister is getting married there on Oct. 23 (a Thursday...odd eh??) so we are heading there Wed. night and coming home Sunday!! I am so excited!!! Tim did some searching for things to do & he found this tour - self- driven Hummer tour to the west end of the Grand Canyon - with a stop at Hoover Dam and a bunch of other places, lunch and a FREE COOLER BAG!!! WHHHHHHEEEEE HOOOOOOO!!!! LOL Anyways, it sounds totally fun - it's what I want to do and it's what Tim would like to do (amazing we found a compromise, seeing as he didn't even want to go!)....and it is $160/person, which isn't too bad for a day long trip! It was either that or an ATV tour for 3 hours in the desert for $300! EEK!!! I just want to SHOP!!!!! Just thought I'd share my happy news - Tim is grumbling about the whole trip but DAMN, I'm excited!!! He is such a home body!! ARGHHH!!!! We haven't even had a honeymoon yet!! sniff sniff :)


AmethystCat said...

How fun! good for you, Chris!!!! So glad you've got an excuse for a good vacation and sounds like you're going to have big fun!!!

Jane said...

While in Vegas...make sure you check out Viva Las Vegas Stamps. We've been to Vegas a few times but it's been many years. I'm sure you'll have no problem with entertainment. Have fun!


Marjorie said...

LOL I hope you have tons of fun in Vegas!! I haven't been too many places either so I feel your pain. My hubby is somewhat of a homebody as well ^_~

Anonymous said...

Vegas is awesome to visit! And the malls there are really nice. Sounds like a fun trip.


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