Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Motherlode of all BLOG CANDIES!!!

Hey everyone!!! In 10 days, it is my birthday!! I wish I could say it was my 21st, but I cannot tell a lie!! I am turning 22! (HA!!!) I WISH!!!!!

Anyway, I am giving away some FABULOUS treats to YOU my faithful readers & commenters! You will have 3 prizes to choose from - the first random # I pick will get first pick, then the 2nd person will get 2nd pick and the 3rd # will get the last prize. BUT TRUST ME, they are ALL awesome, so don't worry!!!!

AND, since my birthday falls on a FRIDAY....it is also my FABULOUS FREEBIE FRIDAY giveaway as well. So stay tuned for that prize as well!!!!

Soooooooooooooo, stay tuned and I will post pictures of the prizes & let you know HOW you can win!!!! Sooooooooooooo excited!!!!!!!


Stef H (Glitterbabe) said...

now that sounds like an awesome birthday party! ok. so you're 23 right????


Nunt said...

Girl, no woman EVER turns more than 21. Granted, she can turn 21 multiple times, but who wants to count after that?

Can't wait for the candyh!


Seleise said...

how fun and Happy early Birthday!!! (I'm never early! and since you're only "22" then it's a perfect match!"

have fun getting your blog candy pulled together!

Craftyanny said...

wow this should be fun, looking forward to the party already
Anne x

Doris said...

Wow it's sound great:) greetings, I'm 22 too (until 12th September)

Holly said...

well happy birthday to you Chris!

Christina C. said...

29 . . . one more time!!!
Have a fabulous birthday. Hugs, Christina

Diamond Doll said...

OOOh this sounds great Happy Birthday for the 14th i shall be away on holiday then,dont go till sunday so hope i can enter to win some yummy candy.
Trish (-:

Sem said...

Come on woman! Stop keeping us all in suspenders and show us the candy!!! LOL!!

Seriously Chris, hope you have a fantastic birthday on the 14th! Big hugs, Sem xx

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