Monday, September 8, 2008

Less than 1000 visitors left to go!!!!

WOW, time flies!!!! I just checked my counter and we are just over 9000!!! WHEEEEEEEEEEHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! So, I've been adding more and more to the envelopes for the Blog Candy AND my Blogaversary prizes so they are WAY better than the photos in THIS post!!!! If you haven't already left a comment on THIS post, please do it quickly, because as soon as my counter hits 10,000 I will go to and find a winner!!!!

THEN, in 83 days from today, I will celebrate my FIRST BLOGAVERSARY!!! And again, I will go to to find a winner of the second envelope (from the blog candy post)!!! They are both getting FAT, so make sure you leave a comment at the post above!!! I will leave you with a few pics from out spur of the moment camping trip last weekend!! It was fun, but a little chilly at night!!!

This is our campsite from the hill that was behind it. It was perfect because we parked the trailer sideways, and we had the huge site, the hill and all the trees around us, so Brick could be off leash for most of the weekend. And, since we were in Site #1, there was no one on either side of us - #2 was WAY down the road!! LOVE THAT!!!

This is a view of the river when we went for a walk. We didn't let Brick swim this time, it was too cold!!! This area is in the foothills, in Kananaskis, just before you get into the Rocky Mountains! So beautiful out there!!!
Here's me and Tim - our typical "self-portrait" shot! The sun was REALLY bright, that is why I'm squinting! Check out my new specs...I love them!!!

And the usual shot of Brick relaxing in his own chair! He has somehow taken over MY lounger!! Hmphhh!!!


Linda Deline said...

My husband has been to Kananaski twice, both times for Scouting, and he loved it. Sure hope he takes me soon! God bless.

Linda said...

I love your camping pictures and your dog looks like he is a real hoot. I love the country up north. Being orginally from Minnesota, your pictures make me homesick.

Simon said...

What a handsome couple!

Deb said...

Looks like a fabulous weekend! It does look so beautiful out there, love Brick on your chair!

Sheila Turin said...

I love your dog. He is as spoiled as my cat.

I hope you get your 1000 visitors soon! I want to win the blog candy!

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