Friday, April 11, 2008

Happy Birthday Katharina!!!

Ok, it's a few days away, but I wanted to get in on your FAB birthday blog candy!!! Folks, if you love the Tilda stamps, you will LOVE the new Hanglar stamps - I don't have any and have NO idea where to even get one...BUT... Katharina is turning 30 on April 17, and she is giving away one!! Wheeeeeeeeeeee!!! Although she should be getting the gifts, she is giving them away...what a girl!!! So, check out her blog HERE and check out the cute Hanglar & Stanglar stamps (I think they are from Norway but don't quote me on that!!!) Isn't she ADORABLE???? Ohhhhh how I'd love to have her in my inky little hands!!!!! :D

Thursday, April 10, 2008

A couple pics...

Hi everyone! Thanks for your thoughts and well wishes! Tim is doing ok, very sore and bruised...but the Dr. gave him Percocet so he is "fine"!!! LOL Here are a couple pics of the accident. He was in the white van. The silver truck is what hit him. Look how far he slid.....from the intersection to where the van stopped...UGH!!! If you look closely, you can see the knives strewn across the road..that is what Tim delivers every day..he is sooo lucky none of them came flying at him!!! Gives me the shivers thinking about it!!! Thank GOD he is ok!!!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Bad day here!!!

Yesterday was a bad day!! I was teaching and the secretary buzzes into my room to tell me someone is coming to cover my class while I take a phone call. Instantly my heart sinks, thinking it is my Mom.... I get to the phone, and it is Tim. He was in a car accident and wanted me to pick him up at the hospital. He is OK - thank God!!! He was working, about 10:30 am, and driving through an intersection in his 1 ton van FULL of SHARP knives (that is what he delivers to restaurants every day!) Some ARSE(not a word by choice but gotta keep it clean!) was yacking on the phone and ran the red light. He T-boned Tim on the passenger side of his van and flipped him over onto the drivers side. He then slid along the road about a 1/2 block. His back was hanging out the window being dragged across the road so he has some serious road rash! It is UGLY!!! He stood up and tried to get out, saw smoke then tried kicking out the windshield (he said it was impossible). Finally someone opened the back door and he climbed out over top of buckets of knives. He had lots of witnesses and one guy at the scene even had his camera and took some pictures. The CREEP who hit him must have been going SO fast - to tip over a van that size & filled with 3000 lbs. of knives. His truck (full size pick up) was all crunched up in the front too but he wasn't hurt either. He didn't even see Tim until he hit him...he was so oblivious because he was on the damn phone! GRRRRRR!!!! We spent 9 hours in the Emergency room waiting for a doctor to see him (SO NOT happy with our health care system) was horrible!! Anyways, he is ok, besides the road rash and being really stiff and sore. I stayed home from work today to keep an eye on him & baby him a little!!! I didn't get any cards done, but I did get some images coloured while I watched TV. We ordered Chinese Food for supper, now we will watch a movie!!

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