Thursday, February 28, 2008

My craft space

Remember back at Christmas I said I was moving my craft room downstairs? Well, I finally got around to taking pictures of it!! It is in a state of disarray, but show me a craft room that isn't messy - it SHOULD be messy RIGHT??? LOL Anyways here they are!!!
The first one is my ribbon wall - I made this myself - pretty proud of it!!! It is 4 feet by 3 feet! The next picture is my punch storage (for some of them) - it is an old CD rack that I got at a thrift store for 99 cents!! Wheeeeee!! The next is my closet hanger storage thingy....LOL I have punches and prima bottles in the baskets and the top shelf is for my swaps and things. The next pic is my messy desk - most of the things I use are at my fingertips which I love but I do need a new ink holder!! I love that clear drawer thing on the wall with the flippy out drawers! I got that at a garage sale!! What a score!!! The next photo is the drawers full of stuff - embellies, scissors, paper, adhesives, baggies, tools, etc. The next is my cutting station with my big cutter, my Cuttlebug, and all my clear stamps in the CD cases on the right. The blue tub in the corner is my paper bin. The next ones are my 2 shelf units that hold various stuff - paper, cards, binders, magazines, loose wood mounted stamps (in the white tubs), envelopes, etc. The last one is a cabinet with my SU stamp sets. I have more they were just upstairs when I took this picture cuz I hadn't cleaned up from my workshop yet!! I buy the jumbo storage boxes from SU and try to combine 2 or 3 sets together to save space & make it look like I don't have that many!! LOL SHHHHHHH!!!!! This picture below was taken standing at the door looking in. The Hippo painting on the floor was painted by my Mom when I was little. It hung in my bedroom for years. I need to find a special place for it soon!! The bulletin board is where I put cards I've received from friends - I need to clean it off it looks like!!! LOL It is all a mess, but I pretty much know where everything is, so it works for me!! I wish I had more wall space to display my stamps and stamp sets but above my desk is a huge window!
Ahhh well, at least it is a bigger space than I had before!!!

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Phew!! Finally done!!!!

It is report card time for me, and it is a long & tiring process! Because our report cards are all computer generated, we HAVE to do them at school, so all the teachers are fighting over 2 computers!! UGH!!! But before we even get to the computers, we have to finish all the marking and assessment, go through the book (a BINDER) of comment codes, and pick the ones that pertain to EACH child for EACH subject. It is a time consuming process! Then you type all your marks, effort marks and comment codes into the computer, hoping that it doesn't crash or the secretary doesn't mysteriously lose them. Once that is done, we print them off, edit them and make our own corrections, then print them again. The principal then looks them all over, makes comments or corrections, then we have to go and edit them AGAIN!!!! Once that is done, IF we're lucky, we can print the good copy! But only if we can get them to print properly on the "legal" report card paper!! OYE!!!!! Anyways, I am all finished, just have to edit them then hand them into the principal. YIPPEEE!!!!

And now, for a card I made while procrastinating this weekend!!! (I'm really good at that!!) It is a total CASE from Kimmie, except I used a different stamp! I actually used another Tilda image that was sent to me. I used Real Red paper, Ginger Blossom DP, River Rock is the base, and Groovy Guava paper. The flowers are made using the One of a Kind stamp set and the Boho Flower punch. The ribbong is Groovy Guava too. I water coloured CUDDLY TILDA this time, using my aqua painters and SU ink. This Tilda is my ABSOLUTE FAVOURITE..... I don't own this stamp but I want her soooo bad!!!! I know, I'm pathetic that I CASED this card to the T....but I just loved it so much, I wanted to try my hand at it!! So, thanks Kimmie for the inspiration!!! I hope you all like it!

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Jan Marie's birthday celebration!

This woman is too much - her birthday is tomorrow (Monday) and she is GIVING oodles of presents away on her own birthday!! How awesome is that?? If any of you know Jan Marie, she is the owner of Flourishes. I just received my first order from her last week, and it was awesome! It came packaged in a white bag tied with black ribbon, and inside that bag, the nestabilities and paper I bought were wrapped in white paper and tied with cute black and white polka dot ribbon...sooooo cute!! So "boutiquey"...I love it!!!! Anyways, Jan Marie has been so sweet and I think you should all check out the link on SCS for her birthday bash here!! Check it out...big prizes and fun!!!! The Flourishes store site is here too, they have some awesome stuff, I can't wait for pay day!!!! Tee hee!!!!
Good luck if you play!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY JAN MARIE!!!!!

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