Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A few birthday cards

My family is coming over on Sunday to celebrate January birthdays so I had to make the cards. This first card is for my Mom - her birthday was on the 10th. She turned 76!! I used Tangerine Tango CS & DP and I just loved how this turned out in real life. The colour is my fave!!! I paper pieced her dress to match the DP and added glitter brads from Doodlebug. This Tilda is from the Valentine collection.
This card is for my Dad - his birthday is on the 31st. He will be 77! Crazy!!! I am the youngest of 6 kids - my parents were 39 & 40 when I was born! My oldest brother was 18 and was already moved out by then! Anyways, on to the card! The stamp is Classic Car from Little Paper Shop - I coloured it with my copics then used the colorless blender to mess up the brown a bit to give it an old rusty look - not sure if I achieved that, but I think it looks ok!

This one is for my Brother in law - his birthday was on the 12th. The image is from a TAC set that I want but someone sent me a bunch of images so that will have to do for now!! The sheriff badge was a stamp I got at Michael's ages ago. I totally covered it with Crystal Effects, then proceeded to stick my finger in it! DUHHHH!!! So it is REALLY thick!!! LOL
Hope your week is going great - it's HUMP day today - only 2 days until the weekend!!! Which I will spend Sat. cleaning the house & Sunday visiting with family!!! Not sure if I will have a post from now till after that, so have a great weekend!!!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Some more Digi images

I LOVE LOVE LOVE digital images!!
This elephant is from Victoria Case Stamps - you really should go check out her site, she has some awesome new images available!!!! He is coloured with Copics, stickles on the heart and crystal effects on his eyes. Inside it says "Love you tons" - I will give it to my hubby some day!
This image cracks me up! It is from Victoria Case Stamps too. I coloured it with Copics, then used crystal effects on the fish bowl. The sentiment is put together with my Karen Foster snap stamps.
This is for my 5 year old niece, her nickname is "Angel Baby" - when my sister was pregnant with her, we asked her other daughter and son what they wanted, a boy or a girl, and the youngest, she was 2 at the time, said she wanted an ANGEL BABY. So, that is how Hailey got her nickname! I just love these angels from C.C Designs - from the set called Angels Everywhere. I attached a little charm that says "dream" to the ribbon & lots of stickles on her wings and the halos. I hope she likes it - I even mailed it to her house - you know how kids LOVE to get their "own" mail!!! I have cards for her brother and sister too, so I will mail those in a couple days.
Have a great week!!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

I need the Dog Whisperer!!!

Ok, seriously, I do! I know some of you have heard me rant about the antics of my dog but it is getting OUT of control. Quick background of Brick: We got him at the City Pound about 5 years ago, so he is about 6 or 7 years old. We tried crating him but he busted out of the top of the line crates, so that was a no go. He is VERY claustrophobic. He locked himself in our bathroom one year, and totally tore it apart - we had to redo the floor, the walls, the cabinets, the shower curtain and the toilet seat. It was a disaster - $500 later, we buy a spongy thing for the door so it doesn't close all the way, called a "tail saver" - we call it the "bathroom saver". He is also very needy and has severe separation anxiety. He is also very dominant. He is high energy which is why we walk him 2-3 times a day. He is also very fun, very loving, and very cute!! Which is why he he is still around after everything he does. We have to lock our fridge - yes, I said fridge!! On numerous occasions, he has opened the fridge and eaten everything in sight....sandwich meat, a whole cooked chicken, sour cream, a whole stick of butter, raw sausages, yogurt, cat food, etc. We bought a child proof lock for it, and after awhile he figured out how to open it. Now we have a "buckle" type lock & that seems to work - it is just a hassle to remember to clip it before I go to work! These are just some of the things he does. The issue I think that has me so "blue" lately, is his peeing on the floor in the living room. We just put down laminate flooring a year ago and we are worried he is going to ruin it. We live across the street from a bike path and green space where lots of people walk their dogs & I think HE thinks that it is HIS park, so he pees in the house. It is usually the same place. This doesn't happen every day - maybe once every 2 weeks. But Friday's pee really got Tim's goat - he was MAD!!! We are at our wit's end - not sure what to do. We can't lock him up in a room, we can't crate him, and we can't leave him outside (he will jump the fence faster than we can get to the car - we've tried that too!) We put on the radio for him, we give him a treat filled Kong before we go, and we ignore him as we are getting ready to leave so he doesn't get excited or freaked out. We have done TONS of research on this, and have tried all sorts of different things. He is a big dog - 70 lbs. and we can't really afford to put him in Doggy Daycare every day - but maybe we could try him 2 or 3 times a week. And, apart from blacking out our front windows, we have NO ideas!!! So, I turn to you guys - anyone have any experience with this sort of thing, or know of a good dog psychologist/trainer, besides Cesar Milan (cuz I doubt we could afford him either!!!) lol Any tips or pointers would be appreciated!!!!

HAVE A GREAT DAY!!!! It is Sunday, so hopefully I can get some crafting done! Tim is going fishing!!!

EDITED TO ADD: After reading a few comments here, I did email Cesar Millan and got a reply back saying he is not taking any more clients, nor is he doing any phone or internet consultations and that I should read his books or contact someone in my area. So I might do that!!! And he is only looking for auditions in Southern California! hmphh!! Thanks for the encouragement!!! :)

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