Saturday, November 22, 2008

BLOGAVERSARY... in 8 days!!!!

I have an envelope CHOCK FULL of goodies to give away in 8 days!!!! I cannot believe it has been a!!! Time flies when you're having fun, I guess!!!!

Here is what I would like you to do to be entered into the draw for this FABO envie of goodies:

1) post HERE on this THREAD to let me know you want to be entered into the draw
2) in this post, tell me what your favourite Christmas/holiday tradition is
3) post about my blog candy on YOUR blog (if you don't have a blog, that's ok, just tell 2 friends!)
4) spread the word

That's it...EASY PEASY!!!!!

Report cards are done, so I hope I can create something soon!!!! I am heading out shopping today with my Mom and sisters, but maybe tonight!!! Tomorrow is the GREY CUP - Canada's version of the Super Bowl (CFL ROCKS!!!!) - my team, the Calgary Stampeders are in it, against Montreal & I'm sorry to say Montrealers - we are gonna WHOOP SOME BUTT!!!!!! GO STAMPS GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (I love football!!!!!)

Will post something soon, I promise!!! I stamped out a whole schwack of images last night, then we watched a movie - "Finding Sarah Marshall" - sooo funny!!! So hope to get to colour them tonight!!! Other than that, have a great weekend!!!


Kelly L said...
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Kelly L said...

Sorry, I forgot to add my holiday tradition (so I canceled my post above). First off I have to say WOW this year has FLOWN by. Can you believe we have all been doing this for a year already?! Secondly, my favorite holiday tradition is opening at least one gift on Christmas eve with my family here at home and spending time with my parents at their home (which seems so far, far away this time of year). :) Kel

sandyh50 said...

Hi there, I just came here from Kelly's blog and have added you to my Google Reader! My favorite holiday tradition is singing Christmas carols on Christmas Eve. I am off to tell 2 friends about your blogaversary! Congrats!

sandyh502001 at yahoo dot com

Janet said...

My fave holiday tradition is Christmas dad makes pizza, shrimp, and fish! we have a blast!!
Congrats on your one year:) You know i love your blog :)
Thanks for being a great downline!! one day we will meet:)

Glenda J said...

My favourite tradition is just being with family and/or friends. I love having a tree and lights on the house too.

Go Calgary!!! If Sask can't be in it then someone from the west has to win.

Will post this on my blog.

Oma said...

Every year I look forward to getting my initial made of chocolate. This is actually a Dutch tradition and my parents carried it on here in Canada. When I got married, I also got one for my hubby and when the kids arrived they each got one too. I have you on my google reader and am also following your blog and will post a comment on my blog.

Dizzie Noodle said...

Hello! I think my favorite holiday tradition is wrapping gifts with my mom. We have some wine and gab away while my dad and the boy take the kids off for a few hours. Since my kids were born it seems that my mom and I haven't had a whole lot of that special one-on-one mother-daughter time, but every year for gift wrapping we catch up on everything and I remember why she is not only my mom but my best friend! :)

Lori said...

One of my favorite traditions is mom reading The Night Before Christmas on Christmas Eve. She has done this since I can remember! I am 44 years old!

Thanks for a chance to win!

Bunny B said...

I'd love to be entered in the drawing! Your blog's background is so cute!! Love the snowmen :)

My fave holiday tradition is giving and getting gifts!!! FUN :)


bunnybx at gmail . com

Marcia @ Pretty Things said...

Oh count me in! My favourite christmas tradition is that every christmas morning we have to have breakfast before we open any presents .... but not just any breakfast, pancakes and syrup. Not something we do every day, we keep it for Chrissy and everyone chips in to get it done.

Not long now .... only a couple more weeks! Happy blogaversary, its been a pleasure to pop by every week and see your awesome creations.

:) Marcia

dragonfly said...

My favourite tradition is
reading the Night before Christmas
and the kids hanging their decorations on the tree.
When they were little this was the last thing we did before they went to bed on Christmas eve.
My baby is 23 and we still enjoy doing this.
I'm off to tell two friend about this blog. its great


Julie Temple said...

COngrats on your first year!! I love your are so talented! My favorite tradition would have to be going to midnight services and singing all the Christmas Carols! All in pretty!
Please include me in your candy...I will link you on my blog AND tell several friends!


Donelda said...

Ohhhh, I can't hardly believe that you have had your blog for only 1 year!! It feels like it has been forever!! Okay, my favorite holiday tradition is going out "hunting" for our christmas tree! We get a permit and drive out into the back country...and tromp around the snow looking for the perfect tree (like Chevy Chase!!) and we always bring a picnic. Sometimes it is fancy and sometimes it is just good ole peanut butter sandwiches ... but they taste absolutely awesome out there in the woods!!

Charlene Austin said...

Hey you. Love the new snowman look on your blog. Mike is in Montreal. Neither team is his team but I bet you can guess who he's not cheering for. Sorry. :P

Pam's Pride said...

I linked you up to my blog!

My favorite holiday tradition is going to candle light service at my MIL's church on Christmas Eve! Then going back to her house to exchange gifts.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your bogaversary and thanks for a chance to win. My favorite Christmas tradition is that kids search for hidden candies under the kitchen table, on the Christmas Eve. I posted here
Have a great day

Anonymous said...

Ooops, so sorry, wrong link. Here's another one

Šolanje na domu-Waldorf said...

Congratulations!! Great candy thanks for sharing. My favorite Christmas tradision is dinner at my parents house. I linked you HERE:
x Natasha x

Deb said...

My fave many of them, love it all but as it is almost trimming the tree time, I guess at the moment it will be that. Always the weekend nearest to Dec 1st I put trees in the childrens bedrooms, they decorate them with their own collection of ornaments, many were gifts from their godmother. We also decorate the tree in the sitting room and we play christmas music to add to the festive feel. It really is the beginning of christmas for us and we love it!

Congrats on your blogaversary my friend!

Anonymous said...

Hi there, I just saw your blog link on Kelly's blog. Congratulations on your blogaversary!!! What a great idea to have people share their favorite holiday tradition! I've enjoyed reading each one of them! My favorite Christmas tradition is sleeping in the family room with my DS with the Christmas tree lights on. It just amazes him that he never hears Santa come and go!!!

Annelies said...

Happy Blogaversary! My favorite tradition is our family walk. When everybody ate to much on Christmas Eve we love to go out together for a walk in the forest on Christmas Day. Here's my link . Thanks for a chance to win! Greetings from Belgium, Annelies

Unknown said...


Life Full of Sunflowers said...

My favourite tradition is my family getting together Christmas eve, having a nice supper, turning the tv off and enjoying each others company. Around midnight we take turns reading from the Bible about the birth of Jesus. It's a wonderful time.

Thank you for the opportunity to win. I have added you to my blog.

Happy Thanksgiving.

Regina said...

Congrats on your first Blogiversary!
I love the 4 weeks before Christmas, here in Germany it's Advent.
In this time we are baking little cookies, we are crafting many cards and little presents and my son is playing Christmas songs with his guitar.
I have put a link on my sidebar.
Greetings Regina from Germany

Scott Franson Photography said...

Love your blog, so much inspiration.
We have a tradition of buying little stocking stuffers for each other and we open them on Christmas Eve, Santa fills the stockings for Christmas morning. I've linked you.

Anonymous said...

Opening gifts Christmas eve has to be my favorite tradition. Recently though my family has been coming to visit at Christmas and that's special since we live far apart and that's the only time of year that they get to come this way.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your blog anniversary. Just found your blog link on Glenda's site. My favorite Christmas tradition is playing games Christmas eve with all the family and then off to midnight service.

Anonymous said...

Love your woodland Santa! Congratulations on you blog. Sorry, I don't have one.
My favorite tradition is my family all getting together on Christmas Eve.


MarikaGabez said...

I like most is Christmas morning, when children open the gifts and smells tea, fresh baked cake .....
Congratulations!! Great candy thanks for sharing.

Jen said...

Congratulations on your first blogaversary!
My favourite Christmas tradition is to bake and decorate Christmas cookies with my children on Christmas Eve.
Jen x

Katarina said...

Thanks for the chance on your candy. I will be posting my own candy later tonight, so come and join!

My fav tradition is watching donald duck and his friends celebrating Christmas (it's a tradition here in Sweden. They air it on Chrismaseve at 3pm) and eating polish cheesecake. In case you didn't know we celebrate Christmas on the 24:th.


bumblebee creations said...

Hello! I would love to be entered into your drawing! I will post on my blog momentarily! As for my favorite tradition, my family gets together on Christmas Eve and we play games and open the gifts from each other, and have snacks. Then we still have our own personal ones and the ones for the kiddos from Santa to open on Christmas morning. Thank You!

Rina said...

I hope I'm not too late.

Our family tradition is, on Christmas eve. we gather around our tree with our three girls and my DH will read a story on Christ's birth or a Christmas poem titled "The Night Before Jesus Came...". Then we'll each take turns sharing one thing that we are most grateful for, before the opening of presents. Following on Christmas day, we will gather with family members & friends and celebrate Christ's birthday with cake, singing "Happy Birthday Jesus", pot luck, gift exchange, and Christmas carols.

Happy Blogaversary and I have linked your candy on my sidebar.

Sena said...

Count me in please!! I have blogged at

Happy Blogoversary!!

My favorite tradition is making cards and wrapping gifts :))


Lisa M. (aka. Lisa @ Farm Fresh) said...

Love your blog! I just stumbled across it one day...anyways, my fave tradition...hmmm...well, since I don't celebrate Christmas, i will just let you know a winter tradition we have. When we get our first good snowfall, my hubby goes out with a bowl and scoops up from fresh snow. Then we bring it inside and make snow icecream! I'm posting a link to your blog on my blog!

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