Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Need all of your expertise....

I took a stab at trying some collage stamping....not my forte, I'll tell ya that right now, but I wanted to try it. I got some manilla tags from Simon Says Stamp & figured I should probably use them!

What I need is some helpful advice to make these look better, more collage-y...and not so crowded & busy.

This first tag is done on white paper, cuz I didn't want to wreck one of my good manilla ones (LOL - silly, I know!!!) I actually like this one the best. The tower and ROME are heat embossed, then sponged over with Shabby Shutters Distress Ink. Not crazy about the ribbon but that is easily fixed. This stamp set is a Simon Says Stamp exclusive set called Dream Paris Rome New York.

This was my second attempt & I don't like this one AT ALL!!! Too busy! I wanted the focal point to be the Tim Holtz stamp (LOVE COLLAGE - available at Simon Says Stamp) but it is lost in all the other "stuff"...it is heat embossed too, so is CHERISH at the top. I think maybe I shouldn't have sponged over the embossing on this one....or done it a completely different colour?!?! What do you think??

And thirdly, I tried a card with a collage look....SO NOT HAPPY with this one. I think what bugs me the most is the ribbon (too small, too ugly??) and the charm (not grungy or vintage?!?!) and the colours....I wonder if I did this in pinks and purples it would look different? I might have to try it!!!!

So, seriously...PLEASE.......give me advice, criticism, laughs, vomits, help...anything..honestly, I WILL NOT be offended!!!! I KNOW they suck!!!!! LOL I am new to this style, it isn't my strong suit but I want to learn!!!!
Thanks in advance for your help!!!


jjcreations said...

Okay - you are doing a A WHOLE lot better than me! I have't even ventured into this realm yet. I like all three of your tags. I like the tower in the first one; the birds and colours in the second; I like the focal hearts in the third...and agree that maybe it needs a different ribbon - something richer looking. I'm sorry I can't give any advise - but I'll be watching to see what others say - maybe I'll make this a challenge to myself for the weekend. Have a great day!!

Kelly L said...

I agree with Joan, something a little richer as a ribbon or embellishment might liven that one up a little. As for the other two, I think they are GREAT! Check out Deb Corder's blog frecklefacepw.blogspot.com for more inspiration. She really ROCKS those Tim Holtz tags!! :) Kel

Lorraine A said...

I love these Chris !! you're a natural !!:-) all of them are fab ! :-)

for inspiration go to Tim Holtz blog and see the tags he made ,,, and the entries ,,,, when you have a few hours to spare :-)

lols x x x

Anita said...

These are beautiful to me since I haven't been brave enough to try this yet. One thing I think might help is maybe a little more color contrast. The third one seems to blend together to me. Maybe this will have to move to the top of the to do list.

Linda said...

Hi Chris! I am not an expert on collage, but I do use LOTS of Tim (Holtz) stuff and try lots of his techniques.

Did you know when embossing is inked over and around with Distress ink, the ink over the embossed part can be wiped off with a damp cloth/paper towel? When the ink is wiped off it really makes the emboss part pop. Adding another color will give a little contrast. I love worn lipstick with peeled paint, but as Tim says he designed all the distress ink to work together so any combination would work.

I have a couple of other ideas if you are intersted, please drop me an e-mail (click on my name and that will get you to my blog profile and my e-mail.)

Nikki said...

Hey Chris
I think your 1st one is the Best because of the contrasting colors the black pops and is more of a focal point. I'm drawn to that then can take in the whole image.
The Red one looks a little lost with everything. Seeing you hate it Green or Brown is a fantastic color to blend into red to make it seem richer if you want to try it. It Need Contrast maybe even use it as a base and add another layer to it or a frame it's like a fancy BG paper at the moment.
When all else fails use it for a backing for one with tons of embellisments in it .. with the dreaded layer hidden in between ...cough cough .I might do that little to alot lol

still love me :P

Unknown said...

I think all of them are great and my favorite is the first one and I think it is because of the contrast. I haven't ventured in this area yet but would love to try some of the distress inks, maybe this will get me hopping!! Hugs, Stephanie

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