Thursday, July 14, 2011

I'm leaving on a jet plane....don't know when......

HAHAHAH!!! Ok, seriously, you don't want me to finish singing for you!!!! BUT I am leaving tonight for ............ AUSTRALIA!!!!!

As some of you might remember, my sister & her family are living in Cairns, Queensland as she is on a teacher exchange! Well, I am headed there TONIGHT!!!!

Soooooooooooooo excited & so nervous! I've never flown that far! I am headed there with my other sister & her hubby. Tim is staying home with the dogs - I wish he were coming but he isn't much of a traveller & 16 hours on a plan is wayyyy too much for him!!! :(

Anyway, I have most of my DT stuff done and scheduled to post so hopefully Mr. Blogger is on top of things while I'm away! If I get a chance I will update with some pics here, but it depends how much fun we're having!!! LOL



Janet said...

have fun! I am gonna miss ya!!!

Unknown said...

Have lots of fun for the rest of us too. lol No..seriously. I hope you all have a blast. Have fun and be safe.

Unknown said...

Oh and by the way I remember that song. My sister used to sing that to me for some reason. lol

Deb said...

okay i am singing it now, thanks! have a fantastic vacation!
hugs Debx

Annette said...

Have a fantastic time hun, and safe travels. Annette xx

Sandra H said...

Have a brilliant time:) Sandra H

Christine said...

Have a wonderful time, Chris!!! Have a safe trip! How many flights is it each way?

Nikbee said...

Have a wonderful time.
Nikki x

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