Friday, September 16, 2011


Ok, freakin' ADORABLE is this new release?? I think it is by FAR the cutest!!!! BARRY'S HALLOWEEN DRESSES 2?????? I can't decide which I like the best, but I DO KNOW, I HAVE to have them ALL!!!!! (and a freebie this week too!!!!)

Soooooooooo what are you waiting for?? Get over to the STAMP FAIRY SHOP and purchase some RIGHT NOW!!!!! Don't just SAY they're cute, SHOW us that you think they are cute!!!!

Show Gerda some love for all her hard work drawing all of these AMAZING images for you!!!! They are only $3 - and there are a ton of freebies to go with many of the images!!! So can't go wrong!!!!!

K, I can get off my soap box now!!!!

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Sandra H said...

Thank you for the reminder:) Sandra H

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